Fw: [FIS] Comment to Karl's reply to Andrei

2006-10-27 Thread Arne Kjellman
- Original Message - From: Arne Kjellman To: Karl Javorszky ; fis Sent: Friday, October 27, 2006 10:52 AM Subject: [FIS] Comment to Karl's reply to Andrei Comment on KarlÂ’s reply to Andrei: please allow me to ask you not to include this person in your statement we do not have at the

[FIS] General remark

2006-10-27 Thread Igor Rojdestvenski
Colleagues, Again a few sporadic remarks. We are always, as it seems to me, entangled in the matter-information frame of thinking. Why do not we simply take that matter as suchpresents itselfto us only as information and through information (please give counterexamples if you want).

[Fis] Reply to Igor Rojdestvenski: Information Coordinate System

2006-10-27 Thread Andrei Khrennikov
Dear Igor, I practically agree with you, especially that matter (biological, non- biological, whatever) is a derivative concept, for we can speculate about it only indirectly through information we possess. As I pointed a few times, the objective reality for me is not reality of material

RE: [FIS] General remark

2006-10-27 Thread Loet Leydesdorff
And to reiterate again. We are talking about information as a concept, or as a variable? If we talk variable, we should be aware of the above listed limitations. If we talk concept, than Shannon-Boltzmann is a misunderstanding, in the same way, as the object as a whole and the