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2008-09-21 Thread Joseph Brenner
Dear Lauri, You wrote: Laws should be independent of each other. Why? Who says so? Cheers, Joseph - Original Message - From: Lauri Gröhn To: Sent: Sunday, September 21, 2008 11:50 AM Subject: Re: [Fis] Neuroscience of art Hi all, I am

Re: [Fis] Information - Meaning - Knowledge

2008-09-21 Thread Christophe Menant
Robin, Wittgenstein’s “meaning as use” is mostly related to meaning of words and sentences. And analytic philosophy is not in favour of considering evolutionary approaches.As the systemic approach goes with a bottom-up perspective usable for simple organisms, I do not feel that it can be

Re: [Fis] Neuroscience of art

2008-09-21 Thread Jerry LR Chandler
Prof. Grohn, List: I am curious about what you are seeking to communicate when you write: I am afraid that list can't be validated as a set laws. Laws should be independent of each other. What is the rational for your feelings about law (singular) vs laws (plural)? Is it necessary

Re: [Fis] Neuroscience of art

2008-09-21 Thread Stanley Salthe
Lauri -- Well, let's see: (1) First Law of thermodynamics: The total energy of a thermodynamically isolated system remains unchanged. (2) Second Law of thermodynamics: If there are any energy gradients in a system, they undergo transformations from one form to another, with some of it

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2008-09-21 Thread Beth Cardier
Hi everyone, I saw John Onians, who writes below, speak at a conference here in Australia and was impressed by his work. I didn't want his message to pass unremarked because there's much underneath that relates to this discussion. Onians explores how physical materials are part of the loop