[Fis] footnote to fluctuon discussion

2010-11-20 Thread Stanley N Salthe
Folks -- This cut is Figure 1 from Sejnowsky, T., 2006. The computational self. * Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences* 1001: 262-271. Note that the levels are found to be orders of magnitude different in size. No change in any single unit at any level can have an effect at the next

[Fis] fis Digest, Vol 543, Issue 19 (John Collier) and footnote to fluctuon discussion (Stanley N Salthe)

2010-11-20 Thread Jerry LR Chandler
John, Stan, Loet, Krassimir, List: This message responses to posts of both Stan and John, which are, strangely enough, philosophically, intimately related. First, Thank You, Stan, for your illuminating post which clarifies your personal philosophy. (The paper you comment on can be found