[Fis] To Stan and Bob, on physical information

2011-02-02 Thread Robin Faichney
In the interests of focusing on what I see as the main issues, I've made quite a few deletions. Monday, January 31, 2011, 3:26:06 PM, Stanley wrote: On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 7:42 AM, Robin Faichney ro...@robinfaichney.org wrote: I'm no mathematician, but I believe that the broader

[Fis] FW: The Background to Modern Science

2011-02-02 Thread Pedro Clemente Marijuan Fernandez
From: James Hannam [mailto:b...@bede.org.uk] Sent: 02 February 2011 13:17 To: 'fis@listas.unizar.es' Subject: The Background to Modern Science Dear FIS list members,My sincere thanks to Pedro for asking me to contribute to a discussion on the origins of modern science.  The subject is vast and

Re: [Fis] FW: The Background to Modern Science. Logic

2011-02-02 Thread joe.bren...@bluewin.ch
Dear James, Welcome to the group from a quondam chemist turned logician. I would be very interested in your views on the role of logic, as it is usually conceived of, in defining modern science. I recently visited Basel, Switzerland where there was an exhibition celebrating the 550th