[Fis] Info in Science History

2011-03-15 Thread Pedro C. Marijuan
Dear FIS colleagues, First of all, a reminder about the GIT (General Information Theory) Conference, this June in Varna (www.ithea.org http://www.ithea.org). Joseph Brenner and me are trying to organize some decent fis session there: list people are cordially invited to accompany us in the

[Fis] Hannam's Contentious Postulate

2011-03-15 Thread Jerry LR Chandler
A series of responses to recent posts of James, Gavin, Steven, Stan, Pedro, zyx, Joe, and koichiro. FIS response March 14, 2011 v547. ? Gavin: writes: Modern chemistry fell out of alchemy. As far as I am aware, modern chemistry developed its own semantics, grammar and logical symbol