[Fis] Economy of Information -The concept underlying the Information Foundation of the Act of F.Flores L.deMarcos?

2015-07-24 Thread Jerry LR Chandler
Fernando, Luis, List: This is a further commentary on your paper, focusing on the section labelled: Agnumetry, quantifying modernization. First, your original thinking in this area is clearly expressed and logically justified. Congratulations. This synthesis of the motivations for human

Re: [Fis] Information Foundation of the Act--F.Flores L.deMarcos

2015-07-24 Thread Pedro C. Marijuan
Hola Fernando Luis, Many thanks for your contribution, quite interesting to read. I really second the previous comments from Joseph, Gyuri and Jerry. I also see a few other points: --The relationship between entropy and culture taken as order is rather risky. I think there is a