2016-04-01 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Soren and Folks, I have included some comments inside Soren’s introduction. Best, Lou K. > > Infobiosemiotics > > Søren Brier, CBS > This discussion aims at contributing to the definition of a universal concept > of information covering objective as well as subjective experiential and >

[Fis] QFT

2016-04-01 Thread Andrei Khrennikov
I just complete the statement of Hans: the really relativistic treatment of quantum phenomena is done in the framework of quantum field theory, QFT. yours, Andrei Khrennikov, Professor of Applied Mathematics, International Center for Mathematical Modeling in Physics, Engineering,

[Fis] _ In defense of quantum mechanics

2016-04-01 Thread Hans von Baeyer
The founders of quantum mechanics all realized that RELATIVITY posits a linear relationship between energy and momentum of a massive particle, while NONRELATIVISTIC classical mechanics, which is a mere approximation, implies that kinetic energy is related to the square of the momentum. Since light


2016-04-01 Thread Christophe
Dear Soeren, Looking for the ‘definition of a universal concept of information’ is indeed a key subject, but I’m not sure that focusing on the Peircean approach as you do is the best thread for that. Positioning ‘life as meaning’ looks as a good starting point in an evolutionary perspective.


2016-04-01 Thread Pedro C. Marijuan
Dear FIS Colleagues, I am attaching herein Soeren's presentation. If you have any trouble with the attachment, the file is in fis web pages too: http://fis.sciforum.net/fis-discussion-sessions/ By clicking on Soeren Brier's session (highlighted in red) you can immediately obtain it.