2016-04-04 Thread Loet Leydesdorff
Dear Soren, It is very strange for me to read yours –as usual very learned – text, because your understanding of what it is I am trying to do is so different from my own understanding. Though I have had great pleasure of reading you works over the years I am not sure that you have read much of

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2016-04-04 Thread Alex Hankey
RE: I am not sure that QT is the ultimate theory of all things, but I think the effort is worth doing it, since we hardly have anything else to step on now.I invite all those interested in this endeavor to join hands! ME: Speaking as a theoretical physicist with 45 years experience and deep

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2016-04-04 Thread Robert E. Ulanowicz
Ladies & Gentlemen: To conserve on my postings, I would like to consolidate three comments: The first is an addendum by Dr. Ed Dellian, historian of science regarding the linear vs. quadratic forms of energy in QM. I append them below. Secondly, I note Mark Johnson’s remarks: "More deeply,


2016-04-04 Thread Mark Johnson
Dear Lou, "The fusion of thought with itself is the place from which we can understand the fusion of ourselves with Nature in a unity that precedes the apparent distinctions that we take for granted." This is a powerful thought! It looks like a statement of Husserlian phenomenology - it