Re: [Fis] "Mechanical Information" in DNA

2016-06-10 Thread Jerry LR Chandler
John: Is this just another example of the mis-communication between scientists trained in different disciplines? Is it merely an artifact of the mis-use of terms? In this case, can the mis-communication can be traced back to the mis-understanding of the difference between the semiosis of mass

Re: [Fis] Fw: "Mechanical Information" in DNA

2016-06-10 Thread Francesco Rizzo
Caro Stan e cari Tutti, la subsumption hierarchy è il basamento epistemologico e logico della mia "Nuova economia" da 35 35 anni: Questa è una bella sincronicità tra l'inter-azione o causalità reciproca o com-penetrazione metodologica di Stan e la mia orto-prassi. Grazie per la conferma e il

Re: [Fis] Fwd: Re: Cancer Cure? (Plamen S.)

2016-06-10 Thread Dr. Plamen L. Simeonov
Dear All, one last thing before closing this session on phenomemnology in medicine today. All FIS fellows intending to contribute to the 2017 special issue on integral biomathics and East-West scientific exchange should send me a note with the paper title until the end of June 2016. I will need

Re: [Fis] Fw: "Mechanical Information" in DNA

2016-06-10 Thread Karl Javorszky
Dear FIS, now there is a voice discussing the concepts and methods of counting. This is highly encouraging. Taking together with the overall theme of "Mechanical Information in DNA" of the discussion, it seems that - at least some of - members of FIS begin to address the quastions of HOW the