[Fis] _comment to the "A Priori Modeling of Information"

2016-06-25 Thread Emanuel Diamant
Dear FIS all, Dear Marcus, The video "A Priori Modeling of Information" looks great, but when I have to provide an opinion about something brought to my judgment I prefer to read it rather to listen to its vocalized presentation. Therefore, I asked you to provide me with a printed version

Re: [Fis] _ Reply to Annette (A Priori Modeling)

2016-06-25 Thread Loet Leydesdorff
Dear Pedro and colleagues, "Agency" is missing. It is factually minimized under the form of constraints and uncertainty. Communication occurs because some kind of "emitter" agent operates as a "source" and sends "messages" via an appropriate "channel" to some "receiver". I have put quotations