[Fis] Essential Core?

2016-07-07 Thread Pedro C. Marijuan
Dear FISers, [NOTE: I have just seen the new post from Marcus right now: I should modify parts of the discussion below, but it is too much work! Better left for a future exchange...] About the a priori modeling of information --and meaning-- which was the focus of Marcus' presentation,

[Fis] Reply to Loet & Pedro (A Priori Modeling)

2016-07-07 Thread Marcus Abundis
Hi Loet, Thank you for your Fri Jul 1 post: > to define information as “a difference which makes a < > difference”. . both differences have to be specified.< > Differences(1) can make a difference(2) for a system of < > reference (receiver). < • This is surely correct! This also aligns with