Re: [Fis] FIS Survey for PhD research.

2016-07-22 Thread HowlBloom
i'm swamped but i will do my best to help. with warmth and oomph--howard -- Howard Bloom author of : The Lucifer Principle: AScientific Expedition Into the Forces of History ("mesmerizing"-TheWashington Post), Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big

[Fis] FIS Survey for PhD research.

Dear FIS Colleagues, A member of our list, Moises Andre Nisenbaum, is investigating for his PhD the interdisciplinary links between Physics and Information Science. One of the data sources of his empirical research is the FIS mailing list itself. Because of this, he wants to directly ask list

Re: [Fis] Fis Digest, Vol 28, Issue 22

2016-07-22 Thread Francesco Rizzo
Caro Loet e colleghi, le leggi naturali o fisiche sono leggi economiche. Questo affermano anche Konrad Lorenz e Ernst Mach. Non v'ha niente di meglio - per essere coerenti con tale concezione che il mio l'approccio epistemologico o la teoria del valore della "Nuova economia" - che non sia