Re: [Fis] What is information? and What is life?

2016-12-30 Thread Terrence W. DEACON
Thank you Francesco for a thoughtful commentary. I think that it is a wonderful reflection with which to mark the end of this tumultuous year and challenging discussions. Because I was moved by your senbtiment I crudely translate your words below. I hope it captures some of the elegance of your

[Fis] [FIS] Fis Digest, Vol 33, Issue 41: On the relation between information and meaning

2016-12-30 Thread Karl Javorszky
Gestalt Alex asks to contribute to his writing on Gestalt, based on Vedic teachings relating to how we memorise texts. Not knowing anything about the Vedic part of it, let me summarise what used to be accepted wisdom on Gestalt in psychology: this without any claim to completeness or