Re: [Fis] What is ³Agent²?

2017-10-23 Thread Mark Johnson
Dear all, There are some terms from physics which we use continually and assume we all know what they mean. I'm taking my cue from Peter Rowland's physics - see - in asking some fundamental questions not only about information, but about physics itself. 1.

Re: [Fis] What is ³Agent²?

2017-10-23 Thread Bruno Marchal
Dear Gordana, On 20 Oct 2017, at 11:02, Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic wrote: Dear Terry, Bob, Loet Thank you for sharing those important thoughts about possible choices for the definition of agency. I would like to add one more perspective that I find in Pedro’s article which makes a

Re: [Fis] Simple question: What we really see in the mirror?

2017-10-23 Thread Bruno Marchal
Dear Lou, dear Gordanna, On 22 Oct 2017, at 05:56, Louis H Kauffman wrote: Dear Krassimir, Thank you!! Yours is the most creative resolution of the Barber Paradox that I have encountered. Perhaps we can apply it also to the Russell Paradox. I do not know. Let us think about it. Another

[Fis] Property of garden peas: mass

2017-10-23 Thread Karl Javorszky
1. Il figaro autobarbando The split between the role of the barber and the person of the barber can be massaged into a split between form and substance. Like roles are not additive, neither are forms. (A grandfather who is a neighbour are not 2 persons.) Like a person can be more (important,

Re: [Fis] TR: What is ³Agent²?

2017-10-23 Thread Loet Leydesdorff
Dear colleagues, In my opinion, a word like "agency" (or "action") is provided with meaning within a sentence/statement which is theoretically informed. Only in a context, a word can become a concept. The common ground that is assumed in this discussion is the claim that the generation of