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2017-11-13 Thread Sungchul Ji
Pedro wrote: "3. About logics in the pre-science, Joseph is quite right demanding that discussion to accompany principles or basic problems. Actually principles, rules, theories, etc. are interconnected or should be by a logic (or several logics?) in order to give validity and coherence to the

[Fis] Math, math, math!

2017-11-13 Thread tozziarturo
Dear FISers, My so called pseudoscience has been published in not dispisable journals, for a simple reason: I provide what is required by truly scientific reviewers, i.e., testable mathematical predictions. Sent from Libero Mobile___ Fis mailing

[Fis] TR: some notes

2017-11-13 Thread Christophe Menant
Thanks for that Pedro, Just a few comments. All the best, Christophe De : Fis de la part de Pedro C. Marijuan Envoyé : lundi 13 novembre 2017 14:30 À : 'fis' Objet : [Fis] some notes Dear All,

Re: [Fis] some notes

2017-11-13 Thread Stanley N Salthe
Pedro -- Regarding: could we say that the life cycle itself establishes the eigenvectors of communication? It is intriguing that maintenance, persistence, self-propagation are the essential motives of communication for whatever life entities (from bacteria to ourselves). With the complexity

[Fis] some notes

2017-11-13 Thread Pedro C. Marijuan
Dear All, Herewith some notes on the exchanges of past weeks (sorry, I was away in bureaucratic tasks). 1. Agents & Information. There were very good insights exchanged; probably both terms make a fertile marriage. Actually I have been writing about "informational entities" or "subjects" as