Re: [Fis] Response to Sungchul. Generative Logic

2018-01-14 Thread Sungchul Ji
Hi Soren, Which comment is for me? Also, I want to clarify the following: (1) 'Semiotics' is the name given to the study of signs generally and existed since long before Peirce's time (1839-1914). (2) If we represent 'semiotics' as a large circle, it will contain many small sub-circles

Re: [Fis] I salute to Sungchul

2018-01-14 Thread Karl Javorszky
Dear Sungchul and Colleagues, Let me join the harmonious and musical – as Francesco has put it – concert among us, trying to understand and formalize our diverging concepts of what is information. Sungchul writes: “… DNA viewed as a set of linear sequences of genes …”. This we all agree on. We

[Fis] no intention to depart

2018-01-14 Thread Emanuel Diamant
Dear Sung, Dear FIS colleagues, Greeting Sung's arguments in regard of information duality challenge, I had no intention to depart from our current ongoing schedule - the discourse on the John Torday's New Year Lecture. (That is why I am not responding and will not respond to your comments).