Re: [Fis] Is Dataism the end of classical hypothesis-driven research and the beginning of data-correlation-driven research?

2018-03-12 Thread Mark Johnson
Dear Alberto, Thank you for this topic – it cuts to the heart of why we think the study of information really matters, and most importantly, brings to the fore the thorny issue of technology. It has become commonplace to say that our digital computers have changed the world profoundly. Yet at a

Re: [Fis] Welcome to Knowledge Market and the FIS Sci-coins

2018-03-12 Thread Loet Leydesdorff
Dear Krassimir and colleagues, Our mental model can entertain discursive models reflexively. Thus, our models are (at least partly) discursively mediated and hence the result of communication. The development of discursive knowledge is thus liberated from biologically given constraints; it