[Fis] Resetting of FIS List (Keep this message)

2018-06-04 Thread Pedro C. Marijuan
Dear FISers, The message below tells that the List has to follow the recent European Law on Data Protection. It means that everyone has to confirm and give explicit consent to participate in the list. I understand that today or during next days you will receive a confirmation message

Re: [Fis] No, this is not the reason

2018-06-04 Thread Joseph Brenner
The utility of logarithms? I've always thought using a slide rule was more esthetic than pushing buttons on a calculator. Perhaps few people still know what a slide rule can do. Of course, the result might be a little less accurate . . . Best, Joseph -Original Message- From: Fis

[Fis] Is information physical?

2018-06-04 Thread Emanuel Diamant
Dear Arturo, Thank you very much for responding to my post (nobody else did not reacted to the UCLA finding). Even more thanks for directing me to the Neuroskeptic blog - the real discussion about the UCLA finding took place only there. You are incorrect stating that the "paper about