[Fis] summit reminder

2015-01-31 Thread Wolfgang Hofkirchner
dear friends, just a remark and reminder. terry will have his talk at our summit on the opening day and bob will facilitate the discussion. the opening day is the 3rd of june, 2015. bob will have the last talk of the summit on the 7th of june, on the boat trip. so you are welcome to attend

[Fis] vienna summit 2015

2014-11-03 Thread Wolfgang Hofkirchner
dear fisers, just a note to remind you that there is still time (until 17 november 2015) for suggesting topics and organised events for the summit 2015. the suggestions i reveived so far from you can be counted with the fingers of one hand. have a look at summit.is4is.org and see the progress

[Fis] next fis conference

2014-10-06 Thread Wolfgang Hofkirchner
dear fisers, the website for the upcoming conference is online and you can follow the progress we are making in organising the event. we are still in the phase of shaping the event. it is now up to you to contribute and make proposals for what you would like to see at the event, for what you

[Fis] emcsr 2014 vienna

2014-02-22 Thread Wolfgang Hofkirchner
builds also a first step to next year's fis/isis conference to be held at my university in vienna under the leitmotif of information society at the crossroads which shall address the response and responsibility of all sciences of information in our times. cheers, wolfgang hofkirchner

Re: [Fis] The State of the Art - Discussion of Information Science Education

2011-12-07 Thread Wolfgang Hofkirchner
dear gordana, maybe the following is of interest to the topic. first, the description of the module i am responsible of in the curriculum of master students of technical informatics and media informatics from this year on (see below). and second, a link to download a background information