Re: [Fis] Explaining Experience In Nature

2010-03-04 Thread ssalthe
Joseph -- Dear Stan and All, I am very grateful for Stan's clarification, since it allows me to make another attempt at showing what Logic in Reality is about. Do you really think, after all these exchanges, that my system is dyadic and ignores context and interpretation? What is at issue

Re: [Fis] Info Science Comments

2009-12-04 Thread ssalthe
Robin said: To me this issue is very simple: the meaning of information to a receiving system is the effect on the system of the reception of the information. This makes meaning relative, but I believe that's both as it should be, and quite easily understood: I've very recently been studying

Re: [Fis] Asymetry and Information: A modest proposal

2009-11-30 Thread ssalthe
Commenting upon Christophe's: C: Assuming we put aside the reason of being of the universe, there is no entity to care about information before the coming up of life on earth. -snip-: C: I feel that the meaning of information (whatever it’s naming) exists because there is a system that needs

Re: [Fis] Information states

2009-11-14 Thread ssalthe
While not suggesting a discussion on this, I note that John says -- information and the interpretation of information are different from each other I think this is not as clear cut as that. Beginning all the way back to von Uexkull's Theoretical Biology, the constructivist perspective takes

[Fis] Fwd: Re: The Assymetry of Information

2009-11-12 Thread ssalthe
---BeginMessage--- Joseph -- This sounds like a case for Game Theory, a topic that I find too tedious to explore myself! More 'realistically', I think that personality traits decide such things. In my case, I would gradually tend to lean in one direction, and this leaning will grow until

Re: [Fis] [Fwd: FW: Definition of Knowledge] from Bill Hall

2009-10-14 Thread ssalthe
Loet -- Dear Bill and colleagues, The distinction between agents evolving or communications can be made without accepting Luhmann's more far-reaching claims. It enables us to understand why cultural phenomena based on interhuman communications exhibit a dynamic so differently from biological

Re: [Fis] FW: Fw: Definition of Knowledge?

2009-10-07 Thread ssalthe
Loet, Karl, Steven -- S: The difference between us and animals is basically language. S: Why not 'check out' 'Biosemiotics'? STAN Dear Stan, I don't understand the bio in this. If we distinguish between two systems of reference for knowledge -- discursive knowledge to be

Re: [Fis] Definition of Knowledge?

2009-10-02 Thread ssalthe
Pedro -- OK Stan, but can you apply those propositional (human) modifications also to bacteria, fish, (human) enterprise or institution, society otherwise I am affraid you move only in the anthropocentric realm. best ---Pedro We can certainly note that 'knowing that' is a linguistic