[Fis] Fwd: The shadows are real !!!

2018-02-26 Thread Dino Buzzetti
Dear Joseph, Merleau-Ponty is undoubtedly a philosopher, but I would surmise that when "foundations", as you say, are a matter of discussion, it is difficult to keep philosophy out of the door. More to the point, would you absolutely exclude the relevance of self- organisation for the

Re: [Fis] Neuroinformation?

2014-12-05 Thread Dino Buzzetti
advised to assume it as a basic and primary constituent of the world. Please forgive me for these untimely observations, but this discussion prompted me to bring them forth. Best, -dino buzzetti On 5 December 2014 at 07:15, Francesco Rizzo 13francesco.ri...@gmail.com wrote

[Fis] New Year Lecture wrap-up

2014-01-21 Thread Dino Buzzetti
regards, -dino buzzetti On 18 January 2014 18:47, Hans von Baeyer henrikrit...@gmail.com wrote: Dear Friends: In keeping with the message of my lecture, that knowledge of the world is based on the ensemble of individual experiences, more than on assumed objective, actual properties

Re: [Fis] Probability Amplitudes

2014-01-21 Thread Dino Buzzetti
Dear Hans, Thank you for your explanation about probability amplitudes, that clarifies a lot. My only worry was about the *epistemological* implications of quantum mechanics in its standard formulation, that in my opinion point to a paradigm shift, which is felt not only in this domain, but in

Re: [Fis] Social constructivism

2014-01-08 Thread Dino Buzzetti
and encoded them in the succinct language of mathematics. Hans ___ fis mailing list fis@listas.unizar.es https://webmail.unizar.es/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/fis -- Dino Buzzetti formerly Department