Re: [Fis] If always n>0 why we need log

2018-06-03 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Dear Sung et al., I appreciate human bias in terms of numerical scale, but I don’t think that is what we actually achieve by using logarithms. If the universe of possibility is fractal, using a logarithm does not eliminate the problem of large numbers. I think the primary outcome achieved by

Re: [Fis] Is information physical? 'Signs rust.'

2018-04-27 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Joseph, Thank you for this concise statement. It very closely matches my own perspective. I would only add the notion that meaningfulness or meaninglessness is not an inherent property of information. It is entirely contingent upon the affect, or the absence of affect, of encountered

Re: [Fis] "Mental model" ???

2018-02-26 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
, this can be a centralized nervous system and whole organism behavior as the form of an output. We illustrate this process as we read and write FIS posts. Are you looking for more detail about the “mental model”, or is this the sort of thing you have in mind? Cheers, Guy Guy Hoelzer, Associate

Re: [Fis] The unification of the theories of information based on the cateogry theory

2018-02-14 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
is an event that emerged from the a-biotic universe populated with physico-chemical laws valid everywhere. Another subject interesting to many of us All the best Christophe ________ De : Guy A Hoelzer <<>> Envoyé : mardi

Re: [Fis] The unification of the theories of information based on the cateogry theory

2018-02-13 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Hi All, I want to pick on Christophe’s post to make a general plea about FIS posting. This is not a comment on meaning generation by agents. Christophe wrote: "Keeping in mind that communications exist only because agents need to manage meanings for given purposes”. This seems to imply

Re: [Fis] If "data = information", why we need both concepts?

2017-10-03 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
e, retaining their specificity. Best regards, El oct 3, 2017 4:28 PM, "Guy A Hoelzer" <<>> escribió: Dear Krassimir et al., Your post provides an example of the importance that semantics plays in our discussions. I have suggested on sever

Re: [Fis] If "data = information", why we need both concepts?

2017-10-03 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Dear Krassimir et al., Your post provides an example of the importance that semantics plays in our discussions. I have suggested on several occasions that statements about ‘information’ should explicitly distinguish between a purely heuristic definition, such as those involving ‘meaning’, and


2017-09-15 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
many of my colleagues, which I think illustrates the problem caused by failing to make this distinction explicit. As I have argued before, I think clearly distinguishing between ‘information’ and ‘meaning’ would be a good first step in this direction. Regards, Guy Guy Hoelzer, Associate

[Fis] _ Re: _ Re: _ Re: On mathematical theories and models in biology

2016-03-29 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
I personally consider metabolism to be at the core of what constitutes ‘life’, so the notion of autopoeisis is very attractive to me. It is also possible that the richness of life as we know it depends on having metabolisms (activity), genomes (memory), and reproduction combined. The

Re: [Fis] New Year Lecture: Aftermath

2015-04-24 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
you think the notions of perception and interpretation are effectively the same thing? Cheers, Guy Guy Hoelzer, Associate Professor Department of Biology University of Nevada Reno Phone: 775-784-4860 Fax: 775-784-1302 On Apr 24, 2015, at 10:22 AM

Re: [Fis] [Fwd: Re: Steps to a theory of reference significance] Terry Deacon

2015-01-09 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
). Contingency on idiosyncratic configurations within and in the neighborhood of a system might lead the system to follow a variety of alternative paths. Would you argue that autogenesis is not an MEP process from this somewhat fuzzy perspective? Cheers, Guy Guy Hoelzer, Associate Professor

Re: [Fis] Neuroinformation?

2014-12-05 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
. Regards, Guy Guy Hoelzer, Associate Professor Department of Biology University of Nevada Reno Phone: 775-784-4860 Fax: 775-784-1302 On Dec 4, 2014, at 6:57 AM, Krassimir Markov wrote: Dear Bob, I think

Re: [Fis] The Travelers

2014-10-30 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
that as a hurricane over the ocean moves over land, information in the form of a changed gradient strength (or changed heat input from the earth’s surface) is ‘meaningful’ to that hurricane because the internal dynamics of the hurricane change in response to this information. Regards, Guy Guy Hoelzer, Associate

Re: [Fis] Informational Bookkeeping

2014-09-09 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
I have never understood the process of telomere shortening and this is a tantalizing idea. What factor might drive the evolution of a bookkeeping mechanism like telomere shortening in cells? I ask my question this way to intentionally avoid the assumption that it must represent an adaptation

Re: [Fis] Krassimir's Information Quadruple and GIT.

2014-08-25 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
AND INFORMATION are objective phenomena. PERCEPTION AND MEANING are subjective phenomena. Can anybody see a problem with this form of the statement? Regards, Guy Hoelzer On Aug 25, 2014, at 11:51 AM, Krassimir Markov wrote: Dear Colleagues, Thank you for comments

Re: [Fis] Physics of computing

2012-03-16 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Greetings All, While I like to think that I am not limited to reductionistic thinking, I find it difficult to understand any perspective on information that is not limited to physical manifestation. I would appreciate further justification for a non-physicalist perspective on information. How

Re: [Fis] Meaning Information Theory ---From Gavin

2011-10-24 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Hi Gavin, I am having trouble following your implicit argument about meaning information theory. I do understand your complaint about evidence, tests, corroboration and corresponding logic and mathematics, although I'm not sure I agree that things are so bleak. The 'implicit' part I detect

Re: [Fis] meaningful information

2011-07-20 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
This is an interesting question. What is the meaning of meaning? I would define as something like the affects of perception on a perceiving system. Once a system has been affected it might change its behavior, but I would hesitate to equate a behavioral response directly to the meaning of a

Re: [Fis] ON INFORMATION THEORY--Mark Burgin, Colophon

2011-06-08 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Hi Mark, The only part that I take exception to is at the end of your colophon. Specifically, I disagree with the statement “it is evident that to consider that everything IS information is unreasonable and contradicts principles of science.” I see contrast, or difference, as fundamental to

Re: [Fis] [Fwd: Re: [Fwd: Info Theory]--From John Collier

2011-02-04 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Hi Gavin, I’m not quite sure how to respond as you didn’t ask a particular question. Here are my thoughts about your points. Waves are indeed about energy, which I think fits nicely into the scheme I described regarding information. I suggested a very simple definition of information as a

Re: [Fis] [Fwd: Re: [Fwd: Info Theory]--From John Collier

2011-01-31 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Greetings All, I want to second Joseph’s claim that something may be transferred as information, even if Stan’s “stuff” itself is not transferred. Waves, for example, can often pass from one medium into another without a concomitant transfer of stuff, and the form of the wave may be changed

Re: [Fis] fis Digest, Vol 543, Issue 19

2010-11-22 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
, or a complete processing capability. In my view, this is the most difficult and consequential point --besides, it directly militates against the God's view we attribute to scientific observer... we already discussed a little bit about this in Beijing! best wishes ---Pedro Guy

Re: [Fis] fis Digest, Vol 543, Issue 19

2010-11-19 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Pedro et al., My previous cautionary post did not get much traction in this thread, but I still think my point was an important one to ensure that we are all talking about the same thing. My point was that “intelligence” in inherently subjective (in the eye of the beholder), unless we can

Re: [Fis] Tactilizing processing

2010-11-01 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Hi All, I appreciate this topic and discussion. I find myself in strong agreement with the basic point made by Stan and Bob. Not all fluctuations penetrate upwardly across levels of functional organization. Structural resonance in the organization at some level makes it sensitive to certain

Re: [Fis] Revisiting... --From Dieter Gernert

2010-09-29 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
be swept up in other thermodynamic cascades, including those exploited by other dissipative systems. The Prigogine notion of dissipative systems provides a compelling case, in my view, for including both pattern and process in generic treatments of information. Regards, Guy -- Dr. Guy A. Hoelzer

Re: [Fis] The Assymetry of Information

2009-11-12 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Hi Joseph, This is an interesting topic having to do specifically with the way humans process and weigh the validity of socially transmitted information. I would like to add entry order effects to the positive/negative bias you describe. I personally view cognition as a process that

Re: [Fis] information(s)

2008-12-06 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Hi Michel, You are correct about the use and concept of information in English. General use of the term information refers to a fuzzy concept that is continuously distributed from none to much, so the plural form informations feels incorrect. Of course, in scientific discourses the term has been

Re: [Fis] Economic modeling

2008-11-14 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
, Guy Hoelzer on 11/14/08 5:00 AM, Robin Faichney (by way of Pedro Marijuan [EMAIL PROTECTED]) at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thursday, November 13, 2008, 7:54:55 PM, I wrote: Not only economists have economic models. In my opinion the most important complicating factor in economics

Re: [Fis] Re: info meaning

2007-10-15 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Dear Giuseppe et al., I find the issues of meaning and interpretation very interesting, but I think this FIS discussion needs to find some common ground if we are to get anywhere. For example, Giuseppe wrote: There is no purely physical status of information, since a physical structure yields

Re: [Fis] info meaning

2007-10-12 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Bob, If the notions of Entropy and Shannon Information are alternative approaches to characterize the same phenomenon in Nature, then the ways they have been modeled would not necessarily reveal an underlying and fundamental commonality. I think that many of us suspect that this is the case and

Re: [Fis] Re: info meaning

2007-10-02 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
the social context that demands the sharing of meanings and constrains the construction of meanings to resonate at the level of the social network. Regards, Guy Hoelzer on 10/2/07 3:24 AM, Pedro Marijuan at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear colleagues, Answering to a couple of Jerry's questions

Re: [Fis] Continuing Discussion of Social and Cultural Complexity

2007-02-27 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Greetings, I agree with Loet and Pedro that it seems important to distinguish between environmental constraints (including material constraints emanating from the qualities of components of a system) and self-imposed limitations associated with the particular path taken as a dynamical system

RE: [Fis] Continuing Discussion of Social and Cultural Complexity

2007-02-24 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
Stan, Aren't all constraints a form of information? I see constraints as informing the bounds of the adjacent possible and adjacent probable. If this is correct, then it would seem to render the economy as almosst pure information. In fact, I think it would render all emergent systems as

Re: [Fis] Joseph Tainter's Social and Cultural Complexity

2006-12-15 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
emergence releases us from the need to drill down to the bottom in order to FULLY understand higher order systems. In other words, it frees us from the tedious demands of the reductionistic paradigm. Regards, Guy Hoelzer ___ fis mailing list fis

Re: [Fis] genetics: the most outstanding problem, SOLVED

2006-11-08 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
. It would be even more fantastic to learn about particular limitations of our minds that might prevent us from understanding aspects of reality that might exist, if it is possible to learn such a thing. Regards, Guy Hoelzer on 11/8/06 1:28 AM, Arne Kjellman at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear Karl

Re: [Fis] Post-concluding remarks:Realism/anturealism: Laws of nature?

2006-10-26 Thread Guy A Hoelzer
physical systems. Cheers, Guy Hoelzer on 10/26/06 7:16 AM, Robert Ulanowicz at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Thu, 26 Oct 2006, Andrei Khrennikov wrote: If we follow the line of Arne of realism/antirealism, then what should we say about LAWS OF NATURE? I think that we would come to the conclusion