2010-11-13 Thread Jacob Lee
Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii has recently written an excellent little book, The Semiotics of Programming, which may be of interest in connecting semiosis with machine-like processes like that of computation. Best, Jacob On 11/13/2010

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2009-10-07 Thread Jacob Lee
Why not situation theory, or Barwise and Seligman's channel theory? Jacob wrote: Stanley, Christophe IMO we need to develop a comprehensive Grammar of Information which embraces not only semantics and syntax but also modality, case, aspect , tense etc and

Re: [Fis] Definition of Knowledge?

2009-10-02 Thread Jacob Lee
Philosophical discussion of 'knowledge' is long and deep, of course; one can check with the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy for a review of the literature. Fred Dretske brought the discussion into the realm of semantic information theory. The classic text is: Dretske, Fred. 1981,