Re: [Fis] Simple amswer: NOT!

2018-03-13 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
, there should be no such fragility in the single-authored discourse by definition, while bilateral transactions are inevitable in our everyday life in any case. Koichiro Matsuno Yes, that looks a lucrative technology making our current Internet more secured. But it also has

Re: [Fis] Meta-observer?

2018-03-01 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
the linear sequence of the now points is not available to the local participants because of the lack of the physical means for guaranteeing the sharing of the same now-point among themselves. Koichiro Matsuno ___ Fis mailing list Fis@listas

Re: [Fis] Math, math, math!

2017-11-14 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
be persistent and durable that may be accessible in the present tense, though somewhat in a more abstract manner compared to the record of concrete particulars. Koichiro Matsuno -Original Message- From: Fis [] On Behalf Of Sent

Re: [Fis] Idealism and Materialism

2017-11-07 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
of whether or not it may have already been called informational. It is quite different from what statistical mechanics has accomplished so far. Something called quantum thermodynamics is gaining its momentum somewhere these days. Koichiro Matsuno From: Fis [mailto:fis-boun

Re: [Fis] The two very important operations of Infos

2017-10-27 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
. The additional ontological commitment required here is kept to a bare minimum such as allowing for res potentia for the individuals. Koichiro Matsuno From: Fis [] On Behalf Of Loet Leydesdorff Sent: Friday, October 27, 2017 3:09 AM To: Terrence W. DEACON

Re: [Fis] What is “Agent”?

2017-10-18 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
the centripetality of Bob Ulanowicz at long last under the guise of chemical affinity unless the case would have to forcibly be dismissed. This has been my second post this week. Koichiro Matsuno From: Fis [] On Behalf Of Alex Hankey Sent: Thursday

Re: [Fis] What is “Agent”?

2017-10-16 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
if we can luckily escape from the entrapment by “anything goes”. Whether such an internal coordination could be likely must be totally an empirical matter. This issue may be most crucial for the origins of life anywhere. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Koichiro Matsuno

Re: [Fis] Heretic

2017-10-07 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
choice. Information may also follow suit. Koichiro Matsuno From: Fis [] On Behalf Of Sent: Wednesday, October 4, 2017 6:01 AM To: fis <> Subject: [Fis] Heretic Dear FISers, After the provid


2017-09-19 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
to be quite a newbie in the philosopher-dominating time-honored discipline addressing the hard issue of what both space and time may look like, it might be able to enjoy some chance of bringing in something new empirically there. Koichiro Matsuno From: Fis [mailto:fis-boun

[Fis] _ RE: _ Re: Cho 2016 The social life of quarks

2016-01-18 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
At 2:43 AM 01/19/2016, Jerry wrote: In order for symbolic chemical communication to occur, the language must go far beyond such simplistic notions of a primary interaction among forces, such as centripetal orbits or even the four basic forces. The quark physicist is quirky in confining

Re: [Fis] The Measurement Problem from the Perspective of an Information-Theoretic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

2015-11-26 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
At 4:28 AM 11/27/2015, John C. wrote: A paper by my former graduate advisor, Jeff Bub, who was a student of David Bohm's. The Measurement Problem from the Perspective of an Information-Theoretic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics Yes, Bub's

Re: [Fis] life cycles

2015-10-06 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
At 4:38 AM 10/6/2015, Stan wrote: Then we need to consider which life cycle we are going to investigate. One conversation? The duration of conference?, etc. Cycles are really enigmatic. Listening to the same old story repeating itself may sound tedious. However, there is one exception.

Re: [Fis] Information Foundation of the Act--F.Flores L.deMarcos

2015-07-26 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
At 4:13 AM 07/27/2015, Luis de Marcos Ortega wrote: a) cycles can imply infinite loops that in our opinion are not appropriate to model human actions b) even considering cycles a set of actions can still be modeled a as a tree, so we consider that loops add unnecessary complexity to the model

Re: [Fis] It-from-Bit and information interpretation of QM

2015-06-27 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
At 4:00 AM 06/27/2015, John Collier wrote: I also see no reason that Bateson’s difference that makes a difference needs to involve meaning at either end. [KM] Right. The phrase saying “a difference that makes a difference” must be a prototypical example of second-order logic in that the

Re: [Fis] Krassimir's Notes . . .

2015-06-17 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
At 9:36 PM 06/17/2015, Pedro wrote: ... What if information belongs to action, [KM] This is a good remark suggesting that information may go beyond the standard stipulation of first-order logic. A great advantage of mathematics grounded upon first-order logic is to enjoy the provability or

Re: [Fis] Informational Bookkeeping

2014-09-10 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
At 9:14 PM 09/05/2014, Pedro wrote: Who knows, focusing on varieties of bookkeeping might be quite productive! [KM] Pedro, your kick was loud enough to waken me up from my long hibernation. Suppose there are many things popping up here and there concurrently with no synchronization among them on

Re: [Fis] The Information Flow

2012-11-02 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
the judge (the internalist) was also right in faithfully executing the sentence. But both cannot be right at the same time. Despite that, the internalist could finally come to preside over this empirical world. I had a hard time to convince myself of it. Strange? Cheers, Koichiro Matsuno

Re: [Fis] FW: [Fwd: Re: Physics of computing]--Plamen S.

2012-03-19 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
. In contrast, the individual-class dichotomy accessible to third person descriptions such as the dichotomy of each probabilistic event and its distribution would have to be explicit and definite with regard to both the individuals and the class from the outset. Cheers, Koichiro Matsuno

Re: [Fis] replies to several. The Key to Time

2011-05-26 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
Dear Loet, Joseph and All, Let me just clarify the difference making a difference between both of you and me. First, to Loet; In other words: time is a construct of language? The answer will be yes if the physicist accepts time when preparing an authentic user’s manual on

Re: [Fis] replies to several. The Key to Time

2011-05-23 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
Dear Joseph, I feel that in point 3. of your note you describe a key to time but you do not use it! Right. The last time, I skipped over something. The issue is how to descriptively approach phenomenological time via the interplay between real, physical systems without prior

Re: [Fis] replies to several

2011-05-09 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
Folks, Joseph wrote: Two aspects of the exchange between Koichiro and Loet merit attention: 1) Loet said that his point of replacing “why” with “what” did not seem necessary to him. In my mind, however, when Koichiro refers to “what is communicated by what”, he is insisting on not

Re: [Fis] The world of singularities, beyond language. Necessity and Sufficiency

2011-05-07 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
Dear Loet and All, Your remark “what is communicated and why?” sounds suggestive in many respects. If the question is paraphrased into “what is communicated by what?”, the perennially perplexing issue of what is time would come up to the surface once again since the temporality of

Re: [Fis] Our condolences to Japan colleagues for the earth quake tragedy in Japan --K.Markov

2011-03-12 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
Dear Kassimir, Pedro and FIS Colleagues, Many thanks for your concerns to the natural disaster hitting the northern part of Japan during the past few days. Please let us have some time to survive this hard fact of life. Regards, Koichiro Matsuno (now near Tokyo) From

Re: [Fis] Recapping the discussion? Joseph's Recap

2010-10-13 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
Folks, Joseph wrote: my and Kevin K.'s basic question of whether /new evidence exists of any interaction between the world modeled by fluctuons and the thermodynamic world/ has in my opinion not been answered. Evidence is very old. In a nutshell, mechanics is about the equality of

Re: [Fis] Revisiting the Fluctuon Model

2010-09-27 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
of quantum gravity and life. Anyway, life is short. Granted. Best, Koichiro Matsuno ___ fis mailing list

Re: [Fis] Bell\'s inequality: Can we find its classical analogue? Classical and Quantum waves

2006-06-04 Thread Koichiro Matsuno
Folks, Pedro's question The physical existentiality of physical laws themselves looks intriguing ---where do they seat? is neither naive nor trivial, though sounds quite disturbing to many. My story is this. Most people seems to accept the Greek tradition of Euclidean geometry to some