Re: [Fis] Is information physical? A logical analysis

2018-05-23 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dai, I start down a road toward attempting to understand information by first understanding number and form. | || ||| | … Is a number a thing? Is 2 a thing? Cannot say that this 2, this || “is” two. Rather it partakes in being a couple. 2 is relational. We say that there are 2 signs in

Re: [Fis] Is information physical? OR Does the information exist without the carrier?

2018-04-27 Thread Louis H Kauffman
proofs or testable clues. > > -- > Inviato da Libero Mail per Android > > venerdì, 27 aprile 2018, 10:10AM +02:00 da Bruno Marchal > <>: > > Hi Lou, Colleagues, > > >> On 25 Apr 2018, at 16:55, Louis H

Re: [Fis] Is information physical? OR Does the information exist without the carrier?

2018-04-25 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Krassimir and Mark, Let us not forget the intermediate question: How is information independent of the choice of carrier? This is the fruitful question in my opinion, and it avoids the problem of assigning existence to that which is relational. The same problem exists for numbers and other

Re: [Fis] Is information physical?

2018-04-24 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Mark, Thank you for suggesting this topic. I concur wholeheartedly with your stand on this matter. Information in the sense that you indicate is pattern that is independent of the particular substrate on which it is ‘carried’. There is a persistent myth in popular scientific culture that

Re: [Fis] Season Greetings / Merry Christmas

2017-12-22 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Pedro, Thank you. This brings back happy memories of a ten week mathematical visit to Zaragoza in 1982. I toured in Southern Spain (saw the Alhambra and more) and lectured to Jose Montesinos and his colleagues and students on knot theory for most of the ten weeks, daily. Jose took me north

Re: [Fis] The two very important operations of Infos

2017-10-26 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Terrence, Condsider the Russell paradox. Russell set is R = { x a set | x is not a member of itself}. If instead we define R = { x a set | x is not a member of itself, and x is defined PRIOR TO THE APPLICATION OF THIS DEFINITION} then R is not a member of itself since it occurs AFTER

Re: [Fis] Simple question: What we really see in the mirror?

2017-10-21 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Krassimir, Thank you!! Yours is the most creative resolution of the Barber Paradox that I have encountered. Perhaps we can apply it also to the Russell Paradox. I do not know. Let us think about it. Another paradox that is resolved in the human realm is the card that reads

Re: [Fis] A Curious Story

2017-01-10 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Pedro, Ok. Can we have the text of Professor Rossler’s proof that these mini-black holes > cannot Hawking evaporate > grow exponentially inside matter? It would be very interesting to debate the details. I find on the web:

Re: [Fis] Fis Digest, Vol 33, Issue 41: On the relation between information and meaning

2016-12-23 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Steve, You write "But in later years he eventually recognized that the possibility of relating propositions in language to facts concerning the world could not in itself be proved. Without proof, the house of cards collapses. Once the validity of using language to describe the world ini a

Re: [Fis] Scientific communication (from Mark)

2016-10-14 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Dai, Consider the pattern .142857142857142857142857142857142857142857… In our world of observers and technology, this pattern is constructed so that it can be transmitted verbatim by this computer system to you. No meaning is transmitted, just the list of numbers. Even the fact that the

Re: [Fis] Gödel Discussion

2016-05-11 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Alex, Thank you for this very balanced viewpoint about this part of the debate. You write "Although formal systems are designed to apply to concepts within the world of thought i.e. the world of (abstract) phenomenal experience, they are not intended to have semantic application, but only

Re: [Fis] Gödel discussion

2016-05-09 Thread Louis H Kauffman
is not > provable. > > What you say about consistency is true, but to my mind where Gödel > goes wrong is both in assuming that the interpreted Gödel sentence has > a single meaning, and in allowing his system of formalized arithmetic > to contain sentences that make semanticall

[Fis] _ Re: _ Re: re Gödel discussion

2016-05-02 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Folks I realize in replying to this I surely reach the end of possible comments that I can make for a week. But nevertheless … I want to comment on Terrence Deacon’s remarks below and also on Professor Johnstone’s remark from another email: "This may look like a silly peculiarity of spoken

[Fis] _ Fwd: _ FIS discusion

2016-04-30 Thread Louis H Kauffman
> Dear Professor Sheets-Johnstone, > It would be best if we keep our discussion to the contents of our letters > rather than assume that we each have read all of the other’s work. > In my case I was banned from this forum for two weeks for too many mailings. > Right now I am at a conference and

[Fis] _ Fwd: _ Re: _ Discussion

2016-04-20 Thread Louis H Kauffman
hrift: “The construction of >> information and communication: A cybersemiotic reentry into Heinz von >> Foerster's metaphysical construction of second-order cybernetics” it can be >> downloaded here >>

[Fis] _ Re: _ Discussion

2016-04-16 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Maxine Sheets-Johnstone, I would like to make a remark on your comment below. "(4). References made to Gödel’s theorem to uphold certain theses can be definitively questioned. The claim that Gödel makes on behalf of his theorem is inaccurate. Three articles that demonstrate the inaccuracy,


2016-04-03 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Mark, 1. The way we think is part of how Nature works. 2. Thought is not separate from our contact with Nature. 3. Concept arises in the integration of thought and percept. 4. Thought is singular in that thought can be the object of thought and this becomes a place where subject and object


2016-04-02 Thread Louis H Kauffman
: > > The manuscript > So there it is in words > Precise > And if you read between the lines > You will find nothing there > For that is the discipline I ask > Not more, not less > > Not the world as it is > Not ought to be – > Only the precision > The skeleton


2016-04-02 Thread Louis H Kauffman
ent with his view in the > Emperor’s new mind and Shadows of mind where he argues against AI having the > same qualities as the human mind. > > Thanks > > Søren > > > > Fra: Louis H Kauffman [ <mailto:kauff...


2016-04-01 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Soren and Folks, I have included some comments inside Soren’s introduction. Best, Lou K. > > Infobiosemiotics > > Søren Brier, CBS > This discussion aims at contributing to the definition of a universal concept > of information covering objective as well as subjective experiential and >

[Fis] _ Re: Fis Digest, Vol 24, Issue 46

2016-03-31 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Rukhsan, You raise the most important issue. Quantum theory is embedded in all the matthematics that we have developed since the Greeks. All this mathematics contributes to our understanding of physics. It is possible that certain aspects of that mathematics will develop naturally into new

[Fis] _ Re: _ Re: _ Re: _ Re: On mathematical theories and models in biology

2016-03-29 Thread Louis H Kauffman
ut this possible link to Platonism, theology, > logic and algebra? > > All the best, > > Plamen > > PS. I do not know why my notes appear twice on this list. > > > > On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 10:55 PM, Louis H Kauffman < > <mailto:k

[Fis] _ Re: _ Re: On mathematical theories and models in biology

2016-03-29 Thread Louis H Kauffman
This is a reply to Plamen’s comment about autopoeisis. In their paper Maturana,Uribe and Varela give a working model (computer model) for autopoeisis. It is very simple, consisting of a subtrate of nodal elements that tend to bond when in proximity, and a collection of catalytic nodal elements

[Fis] _ Re: SYMMETRY & _ On BioLogic

2016-03-28 Thread Louis H Kauffman
t;> wrote: > > Dear Lou and Colleagues, > > > On 25 Mar 2016, at 19:51, Louis H Kauffman wrote: > >> Dear Karl, >> >> Thank you for this very considered letter. >> I would like to ask you about your entry >> >> "6.

Re: [Fis] SYMMETRY & _ On BioLogic

2016-03-27 Thread Louis H Kauffman
tool to discuss > questions relating to order in Nature, and offers a deictic definition for a > concept of a minimal unit. The minimal unit can also have the form of a > negation of a logical state of affairs. This usage of the concept of the > minimal unit, namely to refer to

Re: [Fis] SYMMETRY & _ On BioLogic

2016-03-25 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Folks, I am sending this again, just the quantum part, with typos removed. Best, Lou Quantum Theory in a Nutshell 1. A state of a quantum system is a vector |psi> of unit length in a complex vector space H. H is a Hilbert space, but it can be finite dimensional. Dual vectors are

Re: [Fis] (Sending again)

2016-03-24 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Dear Pedro, I think that we should assess the role of formal tools that are already in place. 1. We use the accepted (graph-theoretical + geometry) models of molecules. These models are very powerful and fundamentally simple, but the complexities of their application in molecular biology is

Re: [Fis] SYMMETRY & _ On BioLogic

2016-03-24 Thread Louis H Kauffman
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Re: [Fis] SYMMETRY & _ On BioLogic

2016-03-24 Thread Louis H Kauffman
Sorry Louis, but try again, please, for your address was wrong in the list --Pedro (I have just discovered, in a trip pause) BlackBerry de movistar, allí donde estés está tu oficin@ From: Louis H Kauffman <> Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2016 17:56:06 -0500 To: fis<fis@listas.