[Fis] Gyuri's Post . . .

2017-01-19 Thread Marcus Abundis
Gyuri , thanks for your informative post (which Otto seems to agree wth?), The essence of what I now understand (I think) is that the amounts of mass involved in LHC experiments is so small that there is little-to-no chance of gravitational force (collapse) exceeding nuclear forces, such that

[Fis] Toward a Calculus of Redundancy

2017-01-19 Thread Marcus Abundis
Hi Loet, The notion of a calculus of redundancy has much appeal, so I was looking more closely at the linked paper you posted. Still, I am not sure I follow what is presented (help?) . . . > Whereas the generation of Shannon-type information is coupled to the second law of thermodynamics < • The

[Fis] Curiouser and Curiouser . . .

2017-01-11 Thread Marcus Abundis
Yes, Happy New Year to all! . . . But, I confess to some confusion. ● On seeing the offered New Years session, I wondered 'Why? Hasn't this issue long been overtaken by events?' Still I was happy to follow along and see if I might learn something new . . . but it seems my initial intuition was

[Fis] The Meaning of Meaning (or Information) . . .

2016-11-15 Thread Marcus Abundis
A talk was recently posted where Searle and Floridi broach this matter, but from a foundational vista and framed in a context of artificial intelligence. For those who have not seen it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6o_7HeowY8 My own few exchanges with Searle on this issue, and on biological

[Fis] Is quantum information the basis of spacetime?

2016-11-12 Thread Marcus Abundis
Further to John's original note . . . and then to Pedro's further note > It would neatly apply to the living but also to the physical < This is, of course, a recurring issue for FIS – the matter of meaning . . . or even, what is "information?" When it comes to defining "meaning" (or information)

[Fis] Apology

2016-08-08 Thread Marcus Abundis
Dear FIS members, Further to Krassimir's post of 23 July, I offer the FIS steering committee and FIS members my apologies for the strong language used in my closing notes on 15 July. Also, I apologize for my delay in responding to Krassimir's note as I had not seen his post (I was no longer

[Fis] Closing Notes (A Priori Modeling)

2016-07-15 Thread Marcus Abundis
Dear Pedro, Thank you for your surprisingly shameless and preemptive session closing. This spares you a need to explain “freewheeling speculation” and to convey actual intellectual content. I hoped for a better show of your intellectual bravura, or perhaps, that was it? Still, failure to incite

Re: [Fis] Reply to John & Jerry (7 July Posts)

2016-07-14 Thread Marcus Abundis
at 5:00 PM, Jerry LR Chandler < jerry_lr_chand...@icloud.com> wrote: > > Marcus, List: > > Comments inserted. And comment on your concluding comment. > > On Jul 9, 2016, at 7:59 AM, Marcus Abundis <55m...@gmail.com> wrote: > > JERRY (re 7 July post): > > Thanks

[Fis] Cultural Legacy Redux (Freewheeling Speculation)

2016-07-12 Thread Marcus Abundis
Greetings to all, This A Priori Modeling session began Thursday, 16 June, and today marks four weeks. As “session leader” some meta-comments seem needed. In gauging our progress, a sense akin to that in Terry Deacon’s 30 Jan 2015 post comes to mind: > . . . I haven't felt that the specific

[Fis] Notes on Pedro's 8 July Post

2016-07-10 Thread Marcus Abundis
Dear Pedro, Thank you for the added Mechanics info., I will study the archives to see what else I find. > strictly remaining within Shannon's and anthropocentric < > discourse boundaries there is no way out. < • Still in “raging agreement” – thus my S-B-D (Shannon, Bateson, Darwin) model. I

[Fis] Reply to John & Jerry (7 July Posts)

2016-07-09 Thread Marcus Abundis
JOHN (re 7 July post): • Your abruptness is understandable. I have seen your “battle to take a view of information [as including] physical properties that has a dynamics of its own.” First, I opposed this “minority view”(?), so I was an opponent. But after investing time (stirred by your posts!)

[Fis] Reply to Loet & Pedro (A Priori Modeling)

2016-07-07 Thread Marcus Abundis
Hi Loet, Thank you for your Fri Jul 1 post: > to define information as “a difference which makes a < > difference”. . both differences have to be specified.< > Differences(1) can make a difference(2) for a system of < > reference (receiver). < • This is surely correct! This also aligns with

[Fis] Black Hole Notes (reply to John & Krassimir)

2016-07-04 Thread Marcus Abundis
John – thank you for the intriguing article on the back hole information paradox. But I was surprised you saw Krassimir's note as insulting that at "the same time he/she has no [idea] what is 'information'”. This caused me to take a closer look at the article, which seemed to affirm Krassimis's

[Fis] Reply 2 to Michel (A Priori Modeling)

2016-06-29 Thread Marcus Abundis
In an offline exchange, Michel asks some questions (on my reply to Annette), summarized below. === > Your "material variation" seems identical to "spatial < > structure" which is classically used in informational < > ecology. Why not ? < • “Why not?“ what? I am unsure of what you are asking. In

[Fis] _ Reply to Loet (A Priori Modeling)

2016-06-27 Thread Marcus Abundis
Dear Loet, I hoped to reply to your posts sooner as of all the voices on FIS I often sense a general kinship with your views. But I also confess I have difficulty in precisely grasping your views – the reason for my delay. >[while Shannon’s] concept of information (uncertainty) < > is

[Fis] Reply to Emanuel (A Prioro Modeling)

2016-06-26 Thread Marcus Abundis
Dear Emanuel – thank you for your opinions and judgements. > The video . . . looks great < • Given what follows, I am unsure of how to view this note. > I asked you to provide me with a printed version . . . < • I had no request and I offered nobody anything beside the introductory text and its

[Fis] _ Reply to Annette (A Priori Modeling)

2016-06-22 Thread Marcus Abundis
In an online exchange, Annette raises a few points and questions that I summarize below. === > Please give me your basic definition of entropy < My short answer is that I define entropy as "material variation" of any type, as clarified in paper #2 and detailed starting on page 5 (actually named on

[Fis] Dropbox: Supplemental Files (A Priori Modeling)

2016-06-21 Thread Marcus Abundis
Please use the Dropbox links below to access the supplemental files. paper #2 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38563719/Abundis-FIS-%232.pdf paper #3 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38563719/Abundis-FIS-%233.pdf paper #4 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38563719/Abundis-FIS-%234.pdf

[Fis] Supplemental Papers (A Priori Modeling)

2016-06-20 Thread Marcus Abundis
At least one of you has reported problems with downloading the supplemental papers (#2, #3, #4). Please email me if you also have this problem. I will then email the papers directly to you, if you wish. Thank you. Marcus ___ Fis mailing list

[Fis] Reply to António (A Priori Modeling)

2016-06-18 Thread Marcus Abundis
Hi António – thank you for your questions. I paraphrase your questions below and respond in the order as given: *• “How does a map constitute metadata?”* You immediately strike the key issue. Metadata is often known as “data ABOUT data.” We might simplify this to “ABOUT-ness.” Or, we might expand

[Fis] "A Priori" Modeling of Information

2016-06-16 Thread Marcus Abundis
;higher-order" debate, re Deacon's [from IS4IS] "keeping our levels straight") I look forward to hearing your thoughts . . . Marcus Abundis-FIS.pdf Description: Adobe PDF document ___ Fis mailing list Fis@listas.unizar.es http://listas.unizar.es/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/fis

[Fis] Origin?

2016-02-21 Thread Marcus Abundis
Dear Stanley & Loet, Gentlemen, when you speak of "origin" I am unsure of what *exactly* you have in mind. Is it the "origin of the capacity for movement" that you think about? The origin of life, itself, along with all its causal roles? Or? > Then, many of the living do not ‘move’. . . Plants

[Fis] _ Re: Closing Lecture

2016-02-03 Thread Marcus Abundis
Hi Bob (U), Reading your (Tue Feb 2 21:18:25) note. > minority opinion among the FIS group . . . > believe that information possesses both epistemic and ontic features< I find myself wondering if there is a specific reason you believe this is a "minority opinion" rather than the exchanges

[Fis] Toyabe 2010 [ Information converted to energy ] / Van den > Broeck 2010 Thermodynamics of Information / Cartlidge 2010 Information > converted to energy

2016-01-17 Thread Marcus Abundis
>From Terry's post on Mon Jan 18 00:27 > . . . relation between potential (micro)states of the system (signal, channel, > medium) under consideration and a constrained variant state . . . Seeing this note, and then closely rereading the OP – I have a hard time not “hearing echoes“ of coherence &

[Fis] Pecking Order . . .

2016-01-14 Thread Marcus Abundis
Hi Howard, > the pecking order, in fact, can be traced back to hierarchies within atoms 380,000 years after > the big bang and to the hierarchies within galaxies and solar systems 400 million years after > the big bang. An assertion like this requires more explanation I think . . . I am still

[Fis] January Lecture--Information and the Forces of History

2016-01-09 Thread Marcus Abundis
Hi Pedro, Thank you for your well crafted (typical Pedro) synthesizing statement, it was a pleasure to read. Thanks also for the reminders of J. Diamonds work. It has been ages since I read it, but it was certainly a treasure (hmm, now where I put my copy . . . ) Your note: > Bob has drafted

[Fis] Forces of History

2016-01-04 Thread Marcus Abundis
Hi Howard, > Social groups compete. They battle for pecking order position in a hierarchy of groups.< Your chicken example seemed to be talking about behavior WITHIN groups, where this (above) note seems to consider behavior BETWEEN groups – please clarify? You see them as the same? >From your

[Fis] Analysis & Fundamentalism . . .

2015-11-04 Thread Marcus Abundis
Moises – thanks much for this analysis. Yes, tagging by the author would be preferred, and even better if tagging was part of the posting process (but not available with the software used). Hi Mark, In the spirit of discussing the discussion (not sure how far we want to push this) . . . Re ". .

[Fis] It-from-Bit and information interpretation of QM

2015-06-29 Thread Marcus Abundis
to be an unexplainable mystery? As I understand Terry's view (and my own) it is essentially reductionistic, but I would also say that I don't think it strives to be naively reductionistic. [image: --] Marcus Abundis [image: http://]about.me/marcus.abundis http://about.me/marcus.abundis?promo=email_sig

[Fis] It from Bit redux . . .

2015-06-14 Thread Marcus Abundis
in agreeing the FIS group goals. [image: --] Marcus Abundis [image: http://]about.me/marcus.abundis http://about.me/marcus.abundis?promo=email_sig ___ Fis mailing list Fis@listas.unizar.es http://listas.unizar.es/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/fis

Re: [Fis] It From Bit video

2015-05-28 Thread Marcus Abundis
While the interviews on the video are interesting, in general, I also find them a bit annoying. I never hear information actually described in a specific way. They could as easily be discussing raw data as far as I can tell. For example, when is meaning associated with information (or data) and

[Fis] What are information and science?

2015-05-23 Thread Marcus Abundis
? As a new member, I simply wish to know what might be reasonably tolerated. Thanks to all for your earlier thoughts! [image: --] Marcus Abundis [image: http://]about.me/marcus.abundis http://about.me/marcus.abundis?promo=email_sig ___ Fis mailing list

[Fis] What are information and science?

2015-05-20 Thread Marcus Abundis
used here. Thoughts? [image: --] Marcus Abundis [image: http://]about.me/marcus.abundis http://about.me/marcus.abundis?promo=email_sig ___ Fis mailing list Fis@listas.unizar.es http://listas.unizar.es/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/fis

[Fis] New Year Lecture – The Correct Level of Analysis?

2015-04-27 Thread Marcus Abundis
Hi Terry – and “first-time greetings“ to FIS colleagues, First, Terry, thank you for your continued effort with this contentious topic. It is truly necessary and worthwhile “heavy lifting.“ Second, in reading all prior postings I am drawn to your 30 Jan. note: . . . I haven't felt that the

[Fis] New Year Lecture - redux

2015-04-19 Thread Marcus Abundis
notes in order to get unto speed. Thanks! Marcus Abundis ___ Fis mailing list Fis@listas.unizar.es http://listas.unizar.es/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/fis