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2017-11-01 Thread Michel Godron
Prière de me désabonner Cordialement. M. Godron ___ Fis mailing list

Re: [Fis] Principles of Information

2017-10-07 Thread Michel Godron
The "citations from Aristotle, Plato, Ortega, Leibnitz," are a particular type of IF "hypothetic assumptions". They cannot be falsifiable as the hypothesis of gravitional waves, but they may be discussed rationnally as starting points for principles and definitions of information.

Re: [Fis] If "data = information", why we need both concepts?

2017-10-07 Thread Michel Godron
Dear colleagues Loet thinks that "Nobody of us provide an operative framework and a single (just one!) empirical  testable prevision able to assess "information" In my ecological work, I try  to know the relations between living organisms and their environment, and I use Brillouin's formula

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2017-10-06 Thread Michel Godron
Dear colleagues In order to know the relations between living organisms and their environment, I use Brillouin's formula (and its fundamental thermodynamical signification) to compute the information contained in biological structures and the probability of events. It is written in french,

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2017-10-01 Thread Michel Godron
Le 30/09/2017 à 08:38, Christophe Menant a écrit : 1) The "increasing complexity from the Big Bang to us humans" and this increasing complexity is  local structuration founded on the functioning of non-isolated systems which use information as in Benard cells. Is it necessary to explain ? 2) 

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2017-09-29 Thread Michel Godron
Dear Pedro, " Rafael and  Michel are talking more about principles as general concepts". It is not exactly  what I meant, because the general principles (for example the principle of identity or the principle of non-contradiction)  are not exactly  "concepts". Yet I agree with "the


2017-09-23 Thread Michel Godron
I quite agree with Rafael's   "Ortega's view of Aristotle conceiving sciences (epistemai) as "uncommunicated" because based on different "principles" (archai) is, in my view, a misunderstanding. Aristotle is very careful in his starting (!) analysis of concepts (before delimitating / terminus


2017-09-23 Thread Michel Godron
e number of important operations which we can perform without thinking about them. Operations of thought are like cavalry charges in a battle —they are strictly limited in number, they require fresh horses, and must only be made at decisive moments." Best wishes--Pedro El 20/09/2017

Re: [Fis] Is quantum information the basis of spacetime?

2016-11-04 Thread Michel Godron
I may understand why in "quantum foundations" nobody can define rigorously the basic term "information". But, in agreement with Progogine, Brillouin, etc. information mays be defined rigorously in macro -systems. I could explain more in french. Cordialement. M. Godron Le 04/11/2016 à

Re: [Fis] Scientific communication

2016-10-28 Thread Michel Godron
Merci pour cette vision très large de ce qu'est l'économie. Au delà de la musique suggérée par Ilya Prigogine, il a maintenat été montré que l'économie, comme l'écologie, est un système de gestion de l'information qui donne des réactions pour maintenir le sytème en équilibre. Malheureusement,

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2016-10-26 Thread Michel Godron
Dear friends, Could you precise the "deep questions about Shannon and probability" which remain ? Are they so deep with Brillouin's information which is very useful for my ecology problems ? M. Godron ___ Fis mailing list

Re: [Fis] An Agenda of Control

2016-07-28 Thread Michel Godron
my replies are in red Bien reçu votre message. MERCI. Cordialement. M. Godron Le 27/07/2016 à 13:23, Pedro C. Marijuan a écrit : Dear Joseph, I finally went through that video, in part stimulated by your critical comments. My impression, particularly at the beginning of the talk, was

Re: [Fis] Cultural Legacy Redux (Freewheeling Speculation)

2016-07-18 Thread Michel Godron
ervable, but can be expected to operate and be hypotesized; for example, in a sociology of communication. We have access to these discourses infra-reflexively. M G On Sat, Jul 16, 2016 at 4:42 PM, Michel Godron < <>> wrote: Y

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2016-07-16 Thread Michel Godron
You wrote : "First, humanity’s MAIN ADAPTIVE ROLE is “information,” if someone questions that fact _I invite you to post your view _and I will happily “reply. My reply is (in red) : O K but I am not sure that the profound reason why it is true is clear for every one : this constatation

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2016-07-09 Thread Michel Godron
in red Cordialement. M. Godron Le 08/07/2016 à 21:24, Alex Hankey a écrit : Shannon was dealing with the problem of mutually compatible encodings such as comes up in the theory of cyphers etc, and arises in the control of machines a la Wiener. He adopted the term 'Information Theory' at the

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2016-07-08 Thread Michel Godron
My responses are in red Bien reçu votre message. MERCI. Cordialement. M. Godron Le 08/07/2016 à 14:42, Pedro C. Marijuan a écrit : Dear FIS Colleagues, Some brief responses to the different parties: Marcus: there were several sessions dealing with info physics, where I remember some