Re: [Fis] Cognitive Effects of Cognitive Research: Photographic evidence

2013-02-25 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Quoting Loet Leydesdorff Dear Bob, I now read the book: the description of autocatalysis is very convincing. It really clarifies how a triple helix (of university-industry-government relations) can operate in generating synergy (reducing uncertainty). Dear Loet, I'm

Re: [Fis] Cognitive Effects of Cognitive Research: Photographic evidence

2013-01-31 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Krippendorff (2009a) reports about Ashby (1969), one of us embraced this potentially negative sign in the mutual information in three dimensions as an indicator of potential reduction of uncertainty in Triple-Helix configurations once it was brought to his attention by Robert Ulanowicz, who had used

Re: [Fis] FW: The Information Flow

2012-11-19 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Quoting John Collier As I have tried to argue above, to avoid reductionism in reality as opposed to in logic and mathematics I think we need the additional condition of dissipation (what I call nonHamiltonian mechanics elsewhere -- the usual condition of conservation

Re: [Fis] The Information Flow

2012-11-12 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Dear Pedro, Roman Littlefield is coming out with a volume along those lines entitled Beyond Mechanism As for our Chinese colleagues, I find them more open to non-mechanical scenarios than are anglophones. All

Re: [Fis] The Information Flow

2012-11-02 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Quoting Pedro C. Marijuan First, following Gould's arguments on replaying life's tape, what would happen if we could replay the sciences' tape? Would we obtain a similar map of the sciences? Would we finally obtain the same ways of thinking visions of the world? I

Re: [Fis] Absence and life

2012-05-18 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Dear Pedro, You bring up an important item in regard to the autogen. It is a point of departure between myself and Terry. While his narrative is biomolecular, mine is in terms of configurations of processes. The difference is dimensional (mass vs mass/time), and dimensions are quite

Re: [Fis] Stephen Wolfram discussing his ANKS in Reedit this Monday

2012-05-15 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Quoting Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic 2. Whatever changes in the states of the physical world there are, we understand them as computation. Dear Gordana, I'm not sure I agree here. For much of what transpires in nature (not just in the living realm), the

Re: [Fis] The world of singularities, beyond language - Discussion on INFORMATION THEORY--Karl

2011-05-05 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Dear Rafael Gordana, What we are discussing here is the difference between universals and particulars. Universal laws can only be stated in terms of universal variables (mass, energy, etc. The pleroma of Bateson). The particular, the asymmetric, the contingent are all constrained, but

Re: [Fis] On Stan's reply to Gavin

2011-01-31 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 7:42 AM, Robin Faichney ro...@robinfaichney.orgwrote: Conservation of information can be translated as meaning that physical laws do not break down, and the state of affairs at one time can be considered encoded in the state of affairs at another

Re: [Fis] Info Theory

2011-01-24 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Dear Gavin, With all due respect, I would like to strongly disagree. I believe the communications format is an historical artifact that were best put aside. It unnecessarily constrains the application of information theory for many useful purposes. Most especially, the calculus that is

Re: [Fis] reply to Javorsky. Plea for (responsible) dualism

2010-12-09 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Quoting Joseph Brenner I challenge anyone to propose a theory that insures that our antagonisms, which are real, also receive some logical treatment. Dear Joseph, I agree with almost all that you said. I won't take up your challenge, however, because I think you may

Re: [Fis] reply to Javorsky

2010-12-03 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Dear All: At the risk of being seen as the one who tries to throw a monkey wrench into the fine discussion you all are having, I would like to mention that the foregoing thread had focused entirely on alternatives among monist scenarios. I see the world as dual, not in the sense of

Re: [Fis] Tactilizing processing

2010-10-31 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Quoting Stanley N Salthe Bob -- I think that 'coupling over such a disparity in scale' is not really going on differently in biology either. The only messages that could 'percolate upwards' in a material system would be those the higher level(s) are prepared to

Re: [Fis] Recapping the discussion?

2010-10-07 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Quoting Pedro C. Marijuan The ratio that Bob Ulanowicz has pointed out in the self-organization processes of ecosystems looks very important. Is it an informational signature that we can find in other fields (eg, competing companies, financial flows, neurodynamic

Re: [Fis] FW: Fluc replies - more

2010-09-29 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Quoting Pedro C. Marijuan About the formalism to deal with entropies: How does the treatment of entropies by Michael in his Adaptability Theory --extended by the fluctuon model into the microphysical realm-- relate with the contemporary quantum information theory,

Re: [Fis] Revisiting... --From Dieter Gernert

2010-09-29 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Dear Guy, I, too , was enthused by Dieter's emphasis on process, although I don't quite share your concern about neglecting structural pattern. As an ecologist, I spent my career studying *patterns of processes*, i.e., networks of ecological interactions. Furthermore the information

Re: [Fis] Curious chronicle

2010-07-27 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
On Mon, 19 Jul 2010, bob logan wrote: Stanley -I have often had this thought. Better to compete on the football pitch than the battlefield. The term hero is used for those that excel in either form of battle. Bob Bob, It's not that I object to (American) football as an ersatz for warfare.

Re: [Fis] Curious chronicle

2010-07-13 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Dear Jorge and Fis members: The method is intriguing, but rather ad-hoc. I and colleagues in marine science have directly used information-theoretic indexes to evaluate the dynamically most important nodes and links in a quantified network. I'm convinced it could be applied as well to

Re: [Fis] The Inventor of Information as Asymmetry

2009-11-21 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
I just wanted to say in support of Pedro's message that Gregory Bateson was very clear about the one-eyed nature of physics. He wrote as how physics, by and large, deals only with what *is* and neglects what is missing. Bateson could find only two exceptions -- The Pauli Exclusion Principle

Re: [Fis] Emerging Synthesis?

2009-01-23 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
Quoting Stanley Salthe Joseph -- Dear Friends, -snip- 1.But the good thing is to be able to go down to elementary particle level with the same principle. My Logic in Reality does exactly that, where the principle is one of dynamic opposition which has the

Re: [Fis] Msg From Joe Brenner, Re: reactions to ...

2008-07-21 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
As Ladyman and Ross write, in the book that I learned about in this group, we radically need to change our metaphysics about what a thing is, or rather is not, and what patterns can be understood as the active entities of both knowledge and existence. It wasn't clear to me whether this was Joe or

Re: [Fis] Re: Continuing Discussion of Social and Cultural Complexity

2007-02-05 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
On Fri, 2 Feb 2007, Pedro Marijuan wrote: Dear Igor and colleagues, Your question is fascinating, perhaps at the time being rather puzzling or even un-answerable... Pedro, Yes, unanswerable in the absolute sense, but there are some quantitative approximations that yield helpful insights.

Re: [Fis] Post-concluding remarks:Realism/anturealism: Laws of nature?

2006-10-26 Thread Robert Ulanowicz
On Thu, 26 Oct 2006, Guy A Hoelzer wrote: I doubt we disagree in substance here, but I would take issue with the statement that there are no laws for biology in the same sense as the laws of physics, because I think the laws of physics apply in all realms. In other words, the laws of physics