Re: [Fis] The notion of meaning in the COST proposal

2009-04-01 Thread Stanley Salthe
Folks -- I think that meaning can be generalized to contextuality. I have proposed, for example, that meaning exists in occult form in physics, in the function of constant variables in descriptive equations. We know that the values of constants in an equation will influence the result. So,

Re: [Fis] Denumerability of information (I)

2009-03-31 Thread Stanley Salthe
Addressing Michel's posting -- I would interpret 'denumerability' as used here as an externalist concept, compared with 'amount' of information (this amount left vague) as being closer to the internalist view that might be held within the cell itself. Scientists may try to assess how much

Re: [Fis] Emerging Synthesis?

2009-01-17 Thread Stanley Salthe
Folks -- Dear Gordana, Pedro, and colleagues, That would be unfortunate because a reduction of the information-theoretical approach to physics unnecessarily sacrifices explanatory power. (As would by the way, a reduction to biology or any other substantive theory.) At issue is --as you

Re: [Fis] information(s)

2008-12-12 Thread Stanley Salthe
John --- you said: 'Data', incidentally, is often treated as a mass term, but it has a singular, 'datum'. So the rules are not hard and fast. Information and data are obviously closely linked, so one could have a grammatical nightmare if one wasn't careful, but idiomatic English speakers have no

Re: [Fis] information(s)

2008-12-06 Thread Stanley Salthe
Michel -- Of course, a countable quantity certainly inheres in one aspect of information -- the Shannon version. But in English we would not say 'many informations'. Rather 'much information' could be used. 'Many' does have a countable sense of individual pieces, while 'much' is a holistic

Re: [Fis] Neuroscience of Art:Insights Leads

2008-09-29 Thread Stanley Salthe
Folks As an artist (all media) my reaction to the below is quizzical. Neuroscience, information science, esthetics, etc. are logical products in the realm of 'knowing that', which I call Nature, or Reality, while the unfolding of an artistic work takes place in the realm of 'knowing how',

Re: [Fis] Neuroscience of art

2008-09-21 Thread Stanley Salthe
Lauri -- Well, let's see: (1) First Law of thermodynamics: The total energy of a thermodynamically isolated system remains unchanged. (2) Second Law of thermodynamics: If there are any energy gradients in a system, they undergo transformations from one form to another, with some of it

[Fis] information-meaning-knowledge

2008-09-18 Thread Stanley Salthe
Folks -- Replying to Joseph, I use simultaneously three definitions of 'information'. Thus: a reduction in uncertainty / a constraint on entropy production / a difference that makes a difference With these, meaning is inherent in any constraint as a possibility, and any constraint could make

Re: [Fis] Reactions to ...

2008-07-13 Thread Stanley Salthe
Loet -- Dear Stan, Wouldn't the inability to specify the number of categories mean that the system is not properly specified? A human body, for example, is specified only phenotypically? Would one not have to specify the number of categories once one specifies in terms of what one wishes

Re: [Fis] reactions to ...

2008-07-11 Thread Stanley Salthe
Addressing Loet, then Pedro S: My reply is that the difficulty (?impossibility) of quantitatively estimating the maximum entropy of a natural system does not derive from our inability to foresee its future states, but from an inability to categorize its many present possible states.

[Fis] reactions to ...

2008-07-06 Thread Stanley Salthe
Reacting first to Bill, then to Loet, then to Bob Concerning Bill Hall's posting, I note that Popper's three worlds can be neatly repreented in the specification hierarchy format: {World 1 {World 2 {World 3}}} vis {physico-chemical dynamics {biological processes {sociopolitical

Re: [Fis] Breaking my silence

2008-06-29 Thread Stanley Salthe
Replying to Bob Logan, then to Pedro, then to Ted - -snip- Bob said: The reader will find in this paper an argument that Shannon info does not work for biological systems precisely because as has been pointed out in the discussion evolution cannot be predicted. This reinforces Bob U's remark

Re: [Fis] Test - Post

2008-06-24 Thread Stanley Salthe
Replying to Jerry, then Joe, then Guenther, then Loet - Jerry said -- To List, Pedro, Bob: The posts on this topic have become increasingly puzzling to me. Frankly, Pedro, you post, along with Bob's concurrence, pushed me into writing this response. Is our concept of information /

[Fis] Fwd: On the Concept of Order in Relation to Scientific Information

2008-06-24 Thread Stanley Salthe
This does not count as my second message for the week. To List, Pedro: The posts on the topic of Order have become increasingly puzzling to me. Pedro's post on streams of order conveys to me an abandonment of scientific thinking. The success of scientific thinking arises from the rigorous