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2014-10-31 Thread Pedro C. Marijuan
(Herewith Soeren's response, again the server has stopped it (?) From my part, only saying that we are in polar opposites, so the difficulty --and interest-- of the exchanges. Anyone can interpret sentences in his own, but my intention was far from offending: knowledge exchanges are fun in

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2014-10-31 Thread MARCIN Schroeder
, but against the personassociated withthem.Regards,MarcinMarcinJ.Schroeder,Ph.D. Professor AkitaInternationalUniversity Akita,Japan m...@aiu.ac.jp From: "Pedro C. Marijuan" pcmarijuan.i...@aragon.esDate: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 21:54:53 +0900To: fis@listas.unizar.esSubject: [Fis] [F