Re: [Fis] Can the can drink beer ?

2017-03-28 Thread Gyorgy Darvas
Dear FIS-ers, 1) A can is empty or filled. Its "emptiness" or "filledness" is an information. This is an objective property. It is independent of whether a conscious being perceives it or not. I generally argue for this non-subjectivity of information. 2) There is an information change when

Re: [Fis] Can the can drink beer ? - No way!

2017-03-26 Thread Moisés André Nisenbaum
Dear Bob. I agree 100%. We must classify information in abiotic and biotic, but, in my opinion, both are parts of "information". Some scientists, including Tom Stonier, tried to define information considering the syntactic and semantic aspects of information. Can we draw a parallel between these

Re: [Fis] Can the can drink beer ? - No way!

2017-03-26 Thread Bob Logan
Hello Krassimir - I agree with the sentiments you expressed - they seem to parallel my thoughts. I am often puzzled by the use of the term ‘information’ in the way it is often used by physicists re the info of material objects . The way the term information is used in physics such as Wheelers

[Fis] Can the can drink beer ?

2017-03-26 Thread Krassimir Markov
Dear Brian, Arturo, Karl, Alex, Lars-Goran, Gyuri, and FIS colleagues, Thank you for your remarks! What is important is that every theory has its own understanding of the concepts it uses. For “foreigners”, theirs meaning may be strange or unknown. Some times, concepts of one theory contradict