Re: [Fis] _comment to the "A Priori Modeling of Information"

2016-06-26 Thread Loet Leydesdorff
As a first step in the specification of the relevance of Shannon's engineering model for developing a theory of meaning, Weaver (1949, at p. 26) proposed two minor additions to Shannon's diagram of a communication channel, as follows: "One can imagine, as an addition to the diagram, another

[Fis] _comment to the "A Priori Modeling of Information"

2016-06-25 Thread Emanuel Diamant
Dear FIS all, Dear Marcus, The video "A Priori Modeling of Information" looks great, but when I have to provide an opinion about something brought to my judgment I prefer to read it rather to listen to its vocalized presentation. Therefore, I asked you to provide me with a printed version