Re: [Fis] Meta-observer?

2018-03-09 Thread Bruno Marchal
Plamen, Loet, Pedro, > On 2 Mar 2018, at 10:36, Dr. Plamen L. Simeonov > wrote: > > I know him: his name is God, the meta-observer + meta-actor at the same time. > Correct, Bruno? God has no name that can be invoked … in the antic greek scientific approach of

[Fis] Welcome, novel weapons!

2018-03-09 Thread tozziarturo
Dear FISers, Welcome, Dataism!Apart from the suggested "metaphysical" and sociological implications, Dataism, born officially in 2013, provides novel tools and opportunities to an otherwise frustrating landscape.  Indeed, despite the progresses in the very last years, we do not have still the