[Fis] Workshop T 9.2 at IS4IS Summit

2015-02-03 Thread MARCIN Schroeder
Dear Colleagues,Using this chanel of communication I would like to bring to your attention information about"Triangular Relationship Information-Reality-Cognition: Through the Prism of Physical-Biological-Cognitive Sciences, Computing and Philosophy" Workshop within FIS Track ofISIS Summit in

Re: [Fis] Fwd: Re: Fwd: Re: Concluding the Lecture?

2015-02-03 Thread Steven Ericsson-Zenith
Dear list, For clarity, below is the message that I sent to Terry offline, to which he responded. Here are my final remarks. The work presented by Terry uses a mixture of formal and informal terms but, from my point of view, the work lacks rigor. This is highlighted in the demand that

[Fis] Concluding the Lecture!

2015-02-03 Thread pedro marijuan
Dear colleagues, this New Year Lecture is over. Our invitee will make his final statements and ALL should abide by the courtesy constraint of not replying further... Thanks Terry for all your informational work! Best--Pedro BlackBerry de movistar, allí donde estés está tu oficin@

Re: [Fis] Concluding the Lecture? - In Praise of Teleodynamics

2015-02-03 Thread Bob Logan
Dear Pedro, Terry and Fellow FISers - I was composing the email below when your email appeared asking us not to respond any further to Terry's final remarks. I disagree with this arbitrary cutoff as I was about to send out what follows below. It also seems an abridgement of free speech to ask