Re: [Fis] To FIS, Francesco and Bob - the concept of "reflection".

2016-02-02 Thread Krassimir Markov
Caro Francesco, Ho letto la tua lettera con grande attenzione e comprensione. Io accettare completamente la sorveglianza, che l'informazione è diversa in sistemi diversi. Questo è esattamente l'essenza della teoria di riflessione, che descrive i molti livelli di riflessione - fisici, chimici,

[Fis] _ Otto--re closing lecture

2016-02-02 Thread HowlBloom
Otto, an interesting call, for a theory that brings together the brute force of an abiotic universe and information. Here's a short timeline that pulls the brute force elements together as informational exchange: The evolution of information, sociality, social structure, and the

Re: [Fis] Fw: Information Conservation in black holes

2016-02-02 Thread Bruno Marchal
Dear Joseph, On 30 Jan 2016, at 19:31, Joseph Brenner wrote: Dear John, Sorry you have been ill. I agree fully with your statement: All of these explanations, and even stating the problem, require information notions, not just energy as in classical physics. What I object to are

[Fis] _ Closing lecture

2016-02-02 Thread HowlBloom
First, a few responses. I agree with Hans von Baeyer. Pedro’s kindness is magic. I agree with Gyorgy Darvas that quarks communicate. I also agree with Jerry Chandler. Brute force is not the major mover of history. Values and virtues count. A lot. In fact, a culture organizes

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2016-02-02 Thread Bob Logan
Krassimir - I enjoyed your post and your definition of information. For more definitions of information especially the notion of the relativity of information you might wish to see my book What is Information? - Propagating Organization in the Biosphere, the Symbolosphere, the Technosphere and

[Fis] _ Re: _ Closing lecture

2016-02-02 Thread Krassimir Markov
Dear Howard, Thank you very much for your great effort and nice explanation! I like it! Only what I needed to see is a concrete answer to the question “what it the Information?” You absolutely clearly described it and I totally agree with your considerations. Only what is needed is to conclude

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2016-02-02 Thread Otto Lehto
Dear all, Just a quick reply to Howard's fascinating account of cosmic history. It seems what is crucially needed is a theory that brings together "brute force" on the one hand - laws of nature "blindly" colliding and colluding, from quarks to planets - and "information" on the other - from