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2016-05-06 Thread Robert E. Ulanowicz
> Pedro -- In short, how might phenomenology relate to science? There is > one > approach - to physiology - that was taken by the British physiologist, > John > B. Haldane. He did ALL his experiments upon himself. > > STAN Dear Pedro, Most of the discussion has centered about phenomenology in

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2016-05-06 Thread Francesco Rizzo
Cari Tutti, Alex, Lou, mi permetto di far notare che bisogna distinguere o non confondere: macchine, meccanismi e meccanicamente. Dire che non siamo macchine è una cosa ovvia, ma sostenere che gli uomini non devono ragionare meccanicamente non è per niente ovvio. Non Vi pare? Grazie. Francesco

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2016-05-06 Thread Joseph Brenner
Dear Friends and Colleagues, The last couple of postings have opened the discussion in a direction their authors may not have intended. Bob's felt personal plea for a phenomenological approach to biology, and hence to other sciences, and as the foundation of a philosophy, begs the question of