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2017-01-24 Thread Pedro C. Marijuan
Dear Joseph, Bob, and Otto --and All, Thanks for the responses. First to Joseph and Bob: my interpretation of Conrad's is not literal, at least at the time being, as I think that the information themes are changing very fast in the quantum --recent interpretations of entanglement and black

Re: [Fis] [FIS] A Curious Story

2017-01-24 Thread Jerry LR Chandler
Dear Otto: > On Jan 11, 2017, at 5:05 AM, Otto E. Rossler > wrote: > > But as convincing as this may be, it is still not my main point. My main and > real point is: CERN refuses to update its official safety report LSAG for > exactly as long.

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2017-01-24 Thread Andrew Fingelkurts / BM-Science
Dear All, In relation to the below mentioned “any non-linear thermodynamical system actually increases to develop a singularity which is followed by the reorganization of the system through negative entropy, following the destruction of the system in its previous form” we would like to