Re: [Fis] Simple question: What we really see in the mirror?

2017-10-22 Thread Bruno Marchal
Dear Krassimir and FIS Colleagues, It is time for my second post this week. First of all I am glad to participate in such very interesting discussion! Thank you for the nice posts. More than 25 years ago, working on the new theory, I had to solve the problem with concept of entity

[Fis] TR: What is “Agent”?

2017-10-22 Thread Christophe Menant
Yes Stan, the Moreno-Mossio book is an interesting and recent treatment of autonomy but, as the title indicates, it is focused on biological autonomy. FYI there is also a 2009 paper by Barandiaran & all (some from the Moreno IAS team) that addresses agency and autonomy in a different way,

Re: [Fis] TR: What is ³Agent²?

2017-10-22 Thread Stanley N Salthe
Christophe -- Regarding: >Social institutions clearly have final causes (a long and complex list..) but associating agency and teleology to elementary particles may be problematic as it introduces final causes in a material universe. This looks close to an "intelligent design" option that we

[Fis] TR: What is ³Agent²?

2017-10-22 Thread Christophe Menant
Dear Gordana, Your proposal for elementary particles and social institutions as two limit cases for agency is interesting as it also positions limit cases for normative/teleological properties highlighted as implicit parts of agency by Terry. And it brings in perspectives on your subject.

Re: [Fis] Simple question: What we really see in the mirror?

2017-10-22 Thread John Grisinger
FIS Colleagues: I offer an alternative view of the Barber’s Paradox.  The term: barber does not refer to a person per se.  Rather it refers to a relationship between two persons, one of whom, when shaving another,  has the role: barber.  By extension, a barber is a person who provides that