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2015-06-19 Thread HowlBloom
re: cognitive biology vs computational biology. may i suggest that you add yet one more approach to the list: linguistic biology. per the work of Guenther Witzany. also reflected in my book The God Problem: How a Godless Cosmos Creates. each approach uses a helpful metaphor. no one

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2015-09-11 Thread HowlBloom
In a message dated 9/11/2015 8:15:48 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes: Dear Steven and FIS colleagues, Many thanks for this opening text. What you are proposing about a pretty structured discussion looks a good idea, although it will have to confront the

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2015-09-28 Thread HowlBloom
re: it is likely to be problematic to use language as the paradigm model for all communication--Terrence Deacon Terry makes interesting points, but I think on this one, he may be wrong. Guenther Witzany is on to something. our previous approaches to information have been what Barbara

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bob, thanks for an extraordinary answer. riddled with extraordinary knowledge. I've just bought your book from Amazon and it should be in my kindle momentarily. if you'd like a copy of mine--The God Problem: How a Godless Cosmos Creates--i can email it to you. and to anyone else on

[Fis] January Lecture--Information and the Forces of History

2016-01-03 Thread HowlBloom
The Force of History--Howard Bloom In 1995, I published my first book, The Lucifer Principle: a Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of history. It sold roughly 140,000 copies worldwide and is still selling. Some people call it their Bible. Others say that it was the book that

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2016-01-05 Thread HowlBloom
good commentary, pedro. where do compassion and love--the archangel principle--fit into the lucifer principle? and why have groups progressed in complexity since the end of the last ice age eleven thousand years ago? to form a superorganism, a cohesive group, you need huge amounts of

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2016-01-13 Thread HowlBloom
Pedro, re: Do we need a new interpretation of history, info based? hb: we definitely need a few new tools with which to see the patterns of history. whether those patterns are informational or not, I'm not sure. I lean toward the tools you cite, the ones emerging from biology.

Re: [Fis] Cho 2016 The social life of quarks

2016-01-16 Thread HowlBloom
re: quarks the big question for FIS is this: do quarks communicate? and can their communications be called informational? are quarks more than just the first bits of matter in the cosmos? are they also the first socializers? the first team-makers? with oomph--howard

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2016-02-05 Thread HowlBloom
Pedro, your list of disciplines that information theory needs to ponder is brilliant--active matter, coupled oscillators, pharmacology, physiology, and developmental biology. to go back to the abiotic universe for a moment: here's one implication of the theory of a communicative cosmos

[Fis] _ Otto--re closing lecture

2016-02-02 Thread HowlBloom
Otto, an interesting call, for a theory that brings together the brute force of an abiotic universe and information. Here's a short timeline that pulls the brute force elements together as informational exchange: The evolution of information, sociality, social structure, and the

[Fis] _ Closing lecture

2016-02-02 Thread HowlBloom
First, a few responses. I agree with Hans von Baeyer. Pedro’s kindness is magic. I agree with Gyorgy Darvas that quarks communicate. I also agree with Jerry Chandler. Brute force is not the major mover of history. Values and virtues count. A lot. In fact, a culture organizes

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i'm swamped but i will do my best to help. with warmth and oomph--howard -- Howard Bloom author of : The Lucifer Principle: AScientific Expedition Into the Forces of History ("mesmerizing"-TheWashington Post), Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big

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fascinating thinking, pedro. it triggers this: The stages of development are far more than real-world problem solvers. They set artificial challenges, then achieve them. Making a caterpillar that works is an enormously complex challenge. Making a working butterfly is also

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2017-02-14 Thread HowlBloom
brilliant summation, Pedro. we are missing the metaphors with which to explain the difference between death and life or between smart communities like bacterial colonies and consciousness. in The God Problem: How A Godless Cosmos Creates, i tell the tale of the origin of the term

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mind to mind experiments have been done in the field of brain-machine interface since 2014. see: -- Howard Bloom author of : The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific

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may all of us information theory enthusiasts have a merry xmas and a new year of health, wealth, and insight. with warmth and oomph--howard -- Howard Bloom author of : The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of History ("mesmerizing"-The