Re: [Flac-dev] [PATCH] : detect automake-1.10 correctly

2007-09-10 Thread Erik de Castro Lopo
Josh Coalson wrote: fixed in cvs (I think, I might have messed it up editing the inline patch from the mail, attachments work better) Confirmed. Erik -- - Erik de Castro Lopo

Re: [Flac-dev] Compile problems on OSX

2007-09-10 Thread Erik de Castro Lopo
Erik de Castro Lopo wrote: I'll look into that over the next day or so. The pkg-config method has the advantage of being highly robust, but is a pain for MinGW because you need pkg-config. I just tested this: ./configure --with-ogg=/opt/local and so does: ./configure

Re: [Flac-dev] Re: multiple core support

2007-09-10 Thread Harry Sack
2007/9/9, Josh Coalson [EMAIL PROTECTED]: --- Harry Sack [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: 2007/9/8, Josh Coalson [EMAIL PROTECTED]: it actually is complicated. the libFLAC api is not suited to a multithreaded design because the i/o is stream-based, not file- based. flac(.exe) is the

Re: [Flac-dev] Warnings with automake-1.10

2007-09-10 Thread Josh Coalson
--- Erik de Castro Lopo [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Josh, Automake 1.10 on OSX is giving me warnings like the following: test/ wildcard *.raw: non-POSIX variable name test/ (probably a GNU make extension) test/ wildcard *.flac: