[Flashcoders] actionscript versions

2005-12-10 Thread Waseem Shahzad
Hi everyone I want to get help about actionscript versions. I am novice in flash world and just try to work in actionscript please guide me about the flash.I use flash MX. And in which we don't have any keyword like 'class' but instead we use 'function' to make our code object oriented if we want

Re: [Flashcoders] Re: 3D in Flash

2005-12-10 Thread Jason Cunliffe
Ralph I looked into Viewpoint in some depth about 2years ago. Wonderful plugin. especuilly when used with Right Hemisphere products. http://www.righthemisphere.com/ Viewpoint is very powerful and mostly well documented it seemed. However the initial built-in Flash implementation was rather

RE: [Flashcoders] MovieClipLoader - onLoadComplete event

2005-12-10 Thread Adrian Lynch
Could they have ment that they weren't available until the MC had fully loaded? Ade -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Behalf Of Nils Millahn Sent: 15 September 2005 11:19 To: flashcoders@chattyfig.figleaf.com Subject: [Flashcoders] MovieClipLoader -

[Flashcoders] LuminicBox + as2lib logging works with Flash, not with Mtasc ??????????

2005-12-10 Thread lieven.cardoen
If I compile with Flash, all my loggings arrive at LuminicBox. If I compile with Mtasc (in Eclipse), no logging arrives at LuminicBox... Can anybody explain me why and can I see those loggings in LuminicBox when compiling with Mtasc. Lieven Cardoen, thx

RE: [Flashcoders] MovieClipLoader

2005-12-10 Thread Pete Hotchkiss
Hi Which of the MovieClipLoader events are you using ?I ask only because I've had similar problems with the class in Flash 8. I did a bit of digging and found this. http://www.betriebsraum.de/blog/downloads/ http://www.betriebsraum.de/external_data/downloads/QueueLoader/QueueLoad er.zip It

[Flashcoders] AS 2 Class Structure Question

2005-12-10 Thread Robert Sandie
Have an issue involving AS2 and Flash Remoting. Have created a remoting class: class com.remoting Info{ private var service:Service; public var remotingdata:Object; function Info(id:Number) { this.service = new Service(http://localhost/flashservices/gateway.php;, null,

[Flashcoders] Select a newly focused textfield

2005-12-10 Thread erixtekila
Hi, I must be stupid' on this one. How could it be possible to select the entire textfield that is just focused ? Seems easy…heu ? _field.onSetFocus = function () { trace(Selection.getFocus()); Selection.setSelection (0, this.text.length-1); }; Doesn't work when I click on

Re: [Flashcoders] strange compiler error

2005-12-10 Thread MyName
I'm having similar problem(flash 7) too. And it's even stranger. All my class files are on local. Some have this error, some donn't. But all files can still be compiled even with this error. - Original Message - From: Robin Burrer [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Flashcoders mailing list

[Flashcoders] ImageContainer Component (Version 1.0.0)

2005-12-10 Thread Elvis Mehmedović
ImageContainer Component (Version 1.0.0) http://chq.emehmedovic.com/?id=12 ImageContainer Component is an XMCA 0.3 based component. It loads images using a queue or simultaneously, offers several methods to resize images to component area, provides error handling, and allows easy and quick

RE: [Flashcoders] flash and ASP.NET

2005-12-10 Thread Dan Thomas
For what its worth I have managed to get WebOrb working (with a bit of help from Scott Hyndman), yet to do anything other than take a look and mess around with the samples it comes with but looks pretty decent. Certainly a nice viable alternative for .net heads. From their downloads page I

[Flashcoders] AS2, FLVPlayback, and Cuepoints

2005-12-10 Thread Robert Sandie
Have been working with a class and have been trying to bring up ASCuepoints: class FLVPlayer { private var theVideo:FLVPlayback; private function FLVPlayer ( mc:MovieClip) { theVideo = FLVPlayback(mc.theVideo); theVideo.addASCuepoint(3, a cuepoint);

Re: [Flashcoders] AS2, FLVPlayback, and Cuepoints

2005-12-10 Thread Robert Sandie
Figured it out... When using FLVPlayback if you declare addASCuepoint before you set the contentPath it will not load. Robert Sandie wrote: Have been working with a class and have been trying to bring up ASCuepoints: class FLVPlayer { private var theVideo:FLVPlayback; private function