Re: [Flashcoders] FileReference and actionscript 2.0

2006-06-25 Thread human ghaderyan
Thanx david. I think I can do some tricks to return value after completion of download. - Original Message From: David Rorex [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Flashcoders mailing list Sent: Sunday, June 25, 2006 9:21:58 AM Subject: Re: [Flashcoders] FileReference

Re: [Flashcoders] FileReference and actionscript 2.0

2006-06-25 Thread hank williams
I am curious what those tricks are. What I do is to ask the server for an upload code number before I upload This upload code is associated with the given user and whatever the user is trying to do. This is application specific. This creates a record in the database, so that when the file is

Re: [Flashcoders] FileReference and actionscript 2.0

2006-06-25 Thread human ghaderyan
Hi dear Hank I think after a successfull upload and inserting in db, I can set the record ID (or any thing else) in User Session in server and after successful upload( returning true to flash ) call a simple remoting method that invoke id from session and return it to flash. After all I

Re: [Flashcoders] Script running to slow, how to fix?

2006-06-25 Thread Weyert de Boer
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Sounds like you have a loose loop. Yer always best to post code. I will do that tomorrow. It's soccer time within a hour ;-) ___ To change your subscription options or search the archive:

[Flashcoders] Interface IManaged was not found

2006-06-25 Thread silpa s
Hi All, I'm new to flex. i'm trying to do a sample application listed at I don't know Why i'm getting following ERROR? Interface IManaged was not found. I'm using Eclipse package com.theriabook.jms.dto { [Managed]

Re: [Flashcoders] Export frame option disabled

2006-06-25 Thread æœé‚Šć‚‘
Mike, that's untrue. Components don't need to be loaded in first frame. I am writing a program with a lot of components. In my Actionscript settings, I have the Export frame for classes set to 3. For all my components Export in first frame is unchecked, as well as all my MovieClip which need to

[Flashcoders] :: mp3 not playing in IE ::

2006-06-25 Thread Orindom Dhar
Hi, I encountered a frustrating problem reagarding mp3 playback in flash in IE. The x.mp3 when played locally through the y.swfand browser(IE 6+),works fine , but y.swf and x.mp3 are placed at a particular domain, and accessed through same browser(IE 6+),the x.mp3 fails to play.The

Re: [Flashcoders] :: mp3 not playing in IE ::

2006-06-25 Thread Marc Hoffman
Same problem for me was caused by ZoneAlarm. The MP3 would get downloaded into cache. It would also play directly in the browser using Windows Media Player. But it wouldn't play in Flash until I disabled ZoneAlarm and eventually tweaked the ZoneAlarm settings (sorry, I don't recall what I