[Flashcoders] cd rom project

2008-02-24 Thread Waseem Shahzad
Hello everybody! I am a novice flash developer working with flash 8. I have a problem in one of my flash project about developing a CD-Rom. In this project client requires that its application worked as, that some item's icons shown on the screen and when the user clicks on it, It will zoom

Re: [Flashcoders] Graphic design universities

2008-02-24 Thread Pedro Kostelec
Well. All those uniceersities you recommended to me are almost comlpetely dealing with sociology sciences(history, humanity...) or how we say to it. Isn't there a univerity out there which is dealing with natural science(maths, phisics, biology...) which has a part of animation, flash, a bit of

[Flashcoders] Re: lightweight AS2 combobox?

2008-02-24 Thread Brian Weil
I realize it's not that difficult to make a simple combobox-like movieclip, but I do need full functionality like keyboard support, etc... It needs to function just like the browsers select element. The closest thing i've found so far are the Ghostwire AS2 component. Their combobox weighs

[Flashcoders] Streaming video (RTMP / Flash Media Server 3) load progress bar

2008-02-24 Thread Barry Hannah
Is there any way to show load progress with streaming video? NetStream.bytesLoaded and NetStream.bytesTotal return 0, NetStream.bufferLength shows merely how many seconds are left to load to reach your previously set NetStream.bufferTime property. I even found an undocumented decodedFrames

Re: [Flashcoders] cd rom project

2008-02-24 Thread Allandt Bik-Elliott (Receptacle)
you will be best served looking into POSTing the information from flash to a php script that includes the POST information in an html template and sends it via email to the user a quick squizz on google will net you a bunch of suggestions for doing this

Re: [Flashcoders] Graphic design universities

2008-02-24 Thread Allandt Bik-Elliott (Receptacle)
have you looked at game design courses? they probably won't be involved directly with actionscript but as3 is so close to c++ and java that you won't have much trouble adapting what you know On 24 Feb 2008, at 12:51, Pedro Kostelec wrote: Well. All those uniceersities you recommended to