[Flashcoders] FLV metadata standard

2008-09-01 Thread Juan Delgado
Hi list, It seems there isn't a standard for metadata on FLVs, every FLV creator has its own and that's a bit of a pain. Wouldn't be great if all creators shared at least _some_ data? Maybe the simplest would be: width, height and duration. Then add whatever you want, but keep those. Youtube

[Flashcoders] flash vars questions.

2008-09-01 Thread Gustavo Duenas
Hi have a swf file which has a flv inserted and I'd like to know a way to pass url variables with the name of the file to the flv. like this: index.html?video=123.flv and I want this to goes to the video.swf, and then to the flv source, any ideas or you know a good tutorial, I've been