Re: [Flashcoders] XML optimization

2008-11-03 Thread Charles Parcell
I would log some of your PHP then. I would fully expect parsing to take way more time than loading. But given your latest bit of info I would lay my money on the dynamic generation of the XML. Charles P. On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 10:42 AM, Matt S. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: No, its definitely in

RE: [Flashcoders] ComboBox not dropping down in browser?

2008-11-03 Thread Mendelsohn, Michael
Hi Cor... I was looking for an example but I don't have one at the moment. All you need to do is add an onEnterFrame function somewhere, then within that function, set the params of the ComboBox instance. The last line of the onEnterFrame function is to delete onEnterFrame. The issue is that V2

Re: [Flashcoders] Open PPT/WMV files from SWF?

2008-11-03 Thread John R. Sweeney Jr
Use Director as a wrapper and then use either Buddy API Xtra or MasterAPP. on 11/3/08 9:45 AM, Ali Drongo at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: How can I trigger the actions to launch these files? Thanks in advance for any help, Ali === John R.

Re: [Flashcoders] Open PPT/WMV files from SWF?

2008-11-03 Thread Kevin Newman
If you are using a Projector, you could look into fscommand - that has the ability to execute applications: Kevin N. Ali Drongo wrote: Hiya, I'm building a DVD that will allow the user

[Flashcoders] The current state of RPC

2008-11-03 Thread Joel Stransky
Hello devs, I'm brand new to the list but have read plenty of entries over the years. I've been reading up on various solutions to RPC namely dealing with AMF and I'm kinda lost on what the current standard solutions might be. There's quite a bit of history between amfphp and swx, both of which

[Flashcoders] What REALLY causes an IOError?

2008-11-03 Thread Robert Leisle
Hi all, I am trying to drill deeper into Flash player IOError handling in AS3, in order to distinguish different types of load failures when loading child swfs and data into a parent swf. For instance, I need to know, and react differently to, loads errors where the file is missing altogether vs.

Re: [Flashcoders] The current state of RPC

2008-11-03 Thread Fabrício Seger Kolling - Dulldusk
Hi Joel XML is too much overhead. BlaseDS is java only. For the shared server, the best solutions are AMF and SWX. AMF has PHP, ASP .NET and JAVA implementations, and maybe others. I take it for the current opensource standart, but i

Re: [Flashcoders] The current state of RPC

2008-11-03 Thread Joel Stransky
Thanks for the input. It sounds like for as3, amfphp is the supported solution although an as3 compatible version of swx will probably be very appealing. I've messed with HaXe but not enough to make it part of my routine. I need to finish mastering as3 and OOD before I confuse it with another

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash Authortime vs Runtime children

2008-11-03 Thread sebastian
forget to addChild()? The problem I have run into is that when I instanciate an AppScreen symbol from my library - it's not on stage - and add it to the stage I handle the ADDED_TO_STAGE event for wiring the components up. ___ Flashcoders mailing