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2012-02-07 Thread Dennis Ernst
It's been pretty bad.  FF 10 seems to have improved the situation.   To 
debug you have to think in short spurts or disable/lengthen the timeout 
on the plugin-container.   See


I'm running the flash debug player -, usually on FF.

It seems particularly prone to crashing when it comes across an error.

It often dies whilst remote debugging. Anyone else see this?

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2011-08-19 Thread Dennis Ernst
function mapper needs to return an element of the new vector.  In this 
case, the vector is a vector of  uint, so the mapper function needs to 
return a uint, not a Vector.  This makes sense because mapper is called 
for every item in g.  Say you wanted to populate h with the squares of 
each element in g, you would return item * item.


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You're right Kenneth.

var g:Vector.uint  = Vector.uint([1,2,3,4,5]);
var hh:Vector.uint  = g.slice();
var h:Vector.uint  =;
var a = 5;
function mapper(item:uint,ind:uint,g:Vector.uint):Vector.uint{
return g;

In this case, hh returns the vector, and h still returns null.

- MM

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What do you get for h?

Kenneth Kawamoto

On 18/08/2011 21:08, Mendelsohn, Michael wrote:

Hi Kenneth...

This is working for me:

var g:Vector.uint   = Vector.uint([1,2,3,4,5]);
var h:Vector.uint   =;
function mapper(item:uint,ind:uint,g:Vector.uint):void{

Hope that helps,
- Michael M.

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Dear coders, is supposed to return a new Vector but it appears to return
nothing (undefined). Is this working for you?

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