Re: [Flashcoders] IE8 - Strange display behaviour [SOLVED]

2010-04-08 Thread Alain Rousseau
= {}; var attributes = {}; swfobject.embedSWF(mySwfApp.swf?t= + new Date().getTime(), mySwfApp, 550, 400, 9.0.0, false, flashvars, params, attributes); /script And all is fine now. Alain Rousseau wrote: Hi all, I have been experiencing some strange display behaviours

[Flashcoders] IE8 - Strange display behaviour

2010-04-07 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hi all, I have been experiencing some strange display behaviours with IE8 lately. I did a module for Joomla that displays a Flash based menu. In IE8 it loads fine the first time, but as soon as I change page, the menu doesn't show anymore. If you have the IE Developper Toolbar, you'll see in

Re: [Flashcoders] Minimizing Code: Logic Issue

2009-12-09 Thread Alain Rousseau
You can create an array of MovieClips as well and if you don't have to fetch the movieclip's parent name in order to controll it's alpha var myStuff:Array = [_root.mc1., _root.mc1., _root.mc1.] for (var i:Number = 0; i myStuff.length; i++ { myStuff[i].mc3.onRollOver =

Re: [Flashcoders] Recommendation for AS3 decompiler?

2009-05-07 Thread Alain Rousseau
If you want to have your MXML back from a SWF than there isn't a tool out there that can do that. You will get some Classes but they may not reflect the project's structure in the begining. Otherwise only SoThink SWF Decompiler can read AS3 based SWFs. Gordon and Eltima Trillix only decompile

Re: [Flashcoders] This is kind of Wonderfl

2009-02-02 Thread Alain Rousseau
not SPAM, TYPO :) Merrill, Jason wrote: Is this spam? Or did that site not pay their ISP dues? This ( seems to be a web site circa 1998 - what does this have to do with Flash? Jason Merrill Bank of America Instructional

Re: [Flashcoders] Payment processing in Flash?

2008-09-19 Thread Alain Rousseau
Usually there are two ways of handling payement, first is the hosted pay page, which means the payment is done through de payment processing website, not on yours. The second, and I presume you want that one, is done all on the merchant's server. This requires you to buy an SSL key, have your

RE: [Flashcoders] smooth animation

2008-06-06 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hardware might also be to blame. With poor VRAM the display will not render flash properly. I know, I have an old G4 at home and Flash is really choppy on it when it gets animation intensive. So ask that information to your client so you might try and see what he sees. HTH -Original

RE: [Flashcoders] secure FLV linking

2008-05-13 Thread Alain Rousseau
Actually, Dave's way is much better. I am able to download the flv directly off youtube without any problems. All you need is Fiddler (IE) or Charles (Firefox) to find wich request is actually the FLV file, whether it uses it's real name or a proxy name. The rule is, if your browser can play a

RE: [Flashcoders] __proto__ but not prototype?

2008-04-25 Thread Alain Rousseau
From the documentation here is what they say about prototype : prototype (Object.prototype property) public static prototype : Object A reference to the superclass of a class or function object. The prototype property is automatically created and attached to any class or function object you

[Flashcoders] For those who want to unsubscribe - change settings

2007-10-20 Thread Alain Rousseau
Read the first message from the new list ! If you ever want to unsubscribe or change your options (eg, switch to or from digest mode, change your password, etc.), visit your subscription page at: You can also make such adjustments via

RE: [Flashcoders] amf-php

2007-10-20 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hello Kerem, if you're using AS2 for your Remoting, you should read this post : cs3/ otherwise you could check out both of these posts on how to do remoting with CS3 without the Remoting classes :

Re: [Flashcoders] protecting graphics

2007-09-16 Thread Alain Rousseau
You could try and save your vector data, or SVG, in a database (SQL) and retrieve your map through remoting. you would then only need to parse back the vector data in Flash. But then I guess this could be tough on the user's CPU ! Alain Stanford Vinson wrote: Some excellent ideas here.

RE: [Flashcoders] what is that

2007-08-22 Thread Alain Rousseau
That's a BoxStopper SpamTrap automated message, that person didn't put the list's adress in his whitelist -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of dr.ache Sent: 22 août 2007 04:56 To: flashcoders Subject: [Flashcoders] what is that i just

RE: [Flashcoders] PreLoading Multiple SWFs

2007-08-16 Thread Alain Rousseau
A nice way to preload without having the files playing is to use LoadVars. var lvLoader:LoadVars = new LoadVars(); lvLoader.load(file.swf); // or any other file you want to preload it will load practically any file type and the data will be in the cache, so no need to use MovieClipLoader or

Re: [Flashcoders] Class to loop sound objects in order

2007-08-15 Thread Alain Rousseau
you can check out these set of classes I created for something similar to what you need. it doesn't loop each mp3 files but, creates a song based on an array of mp3 files . You can modify it as you wish to fit your needs but the simplest thing would be to just to repeat the filename in the

RE: [Flashcoders] Class to loop sound objects in order

2007-08-15 Thread Alain Rousseau
between each loop because of the mp3 compression? I thought the only way to get rid of the glitch was to export every sound as a swf. BLITZ | Patrick Matte - 310-551-0200 x214 -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Alain Rousseau Sent: Wednesday, August

Re: [Flashcoders] Loading xml in AS 2

2007-08-03 Thread Alain Rousseau
If you want to trace out your xmlData then put that trace INSIDE the onLoad function. otherwise you will get nothing back ! don't forget, these are asynchronus functions - load and onLoad HTH Omar Fouad wrote: class LoadXML { function LoadXML() { var xmlData:XML = new XML();

Re: [Flashcoders] AS2: EventDispatcher.initialize() andsuper()conflict?

2007-06-09 Thread Alain Rousseau
On another note, if you only need to listen to another class events simply register that class with the one you use. (like a controller) Unless you need to dispatch an event afterwards. import classToListen; class myClass extends otherClass { private var _classToListen:classToListen;

RE: [Flashcoders] EventDispatcher weirdness in AS2

2007-06-07 Thread Alain Rousseau
If you are using this exact code then I believe you have an error in the constructor : public function MyClass should be public function MyMainClass also you should either set your vars as private or whatever kind you need. Another thing, your eventlistener should have an object as second

RE: [Flashcoders] EventDispatcher weirdness in AS2

2007-06-07 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hehe no prob. For your listener are you doing something like _myClass.addEventListener(onTransition, Delegeate.create(this, onTransitionHandler)); private function onTransitionHandler() { //do stuff } don't you prefer _myClass.addEventListener(onTransition, this); function

RE: [Flashcoders] EventDispatcher weirdness in AS2

2007-06-07 Thread Alain Rousseau
(this, comboChangeHandler)); _list.addEventListener(change, Delegate.create(this, listChangeHandler)); Get in the habit of using Delegate (in AS2) and *always* use it.. no exceptions ;-) regards, Muzak - Original Message - From: Alain Rousseau [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: flashcoders

RE: [Flashcoders] Setting up loadVars onLoad handler within custom class

2007-06-04 Thread Alain Rousseau
To learn more about Delegate I'd suggest you read the following : Alain -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Rákos Attila Sent: 4 juin 2007 10:32 To: Daniel Glue Subject: Re: [Flashcoders] Setting up

Re: [Flashcoders] AS 2 Delegate question

2007-06-02 Thread Alain Rousseau
Or you could use another Delegate class. There is the Proxy class I believe (can't remember who did it) and the one I use the most is the one on You can pass parameters in the Delegate call myButton.onRelease =

Re: [Flashcoders] seamless audio loops

2007-05-30 Thread Alain Rousseau
You could also try out my looping classes if you want to loop a dynamically loaded mp3 : To loop only 1 sound file use the SoundObject Class, to create a song based on multiple files and looping that new song, use

Re: [Flashcoders] Press

2007-05-29 Thread Alain Rousseau
MovieClip.onReleaseOutside = ... Laurent CUCHET wrote: Good morning There is a movie witch run to image 5 if mouse roll over it How can I do to go to image 1 if I press outside it ? Thank you ___ To change your

Re: [Flashcoders] Class broadcasting Question...

2007-05-21 Thread Alain Rousseau
You forgot to add a listener ! :) in the timeline code : bar.AddListener(this); and it will listen to all event broadcasted by your Login Class. Note that it's AddListener not AddEventListener as you're using AsBroadcaster. As easy as that ! HTH Alain eric e. dolecki wrote: This may

Re: [Flashcoders] wedging in a preloader -- lazy developer alert!

2007-05-12 Thread Alain Rousseau
Or even Simpler, Add a scene to your FLA before the main scene and put the preload script there ... no need for loadmovie :) Ian Thomas wrote: A simple fix - create a wrapper Flash movie, and load the bulky movie in as a child. As long as it doesn't use _root all the time, it should work

RE: [Flashcoders] RGB tinting using the colorMatrixFilter()

2007-05-10 Thread Alain Rousseau
Does it need to be using ColorMatrixFilter ? I have a Tint utility class that does exactly what you want but it's a simple color transform on a MovieClip: It's in AS2 but I guess you could try and change it to work in AS3 ... HTH Alain -Original

Re: [Flashcoders] adding filter to the stage.

2007-05-06 Thread Alain Rousseau
use the last. Gustavo Duenas wrote: So If I add this code to my movie, I could have the blur for the whole stage(including movie clips?); this would be the main timeline...would you please explain me more this in detail? regards gustavo Duenas On May 6, 2007, at 10:28 AM, Alain Rousseau

[Flashcoders] Flash / Java Communication with ExternalInterface

2007-05-03 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hi All, we're at a point in a project where we need good communication between Flash and Java. ATM we are using SWT Flash and it's FSCommand handling. I would like to go a bit further to be able to send complex objects via ExternalInterface. I know there is Javaflash (HYPERLINK

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash / Java Communication with ExternalInterface

2007-05-03 Thread Alain Rousseau
is use FSCommand and pass variables as strings ... If it's the only option, we'll go back to the old parse the string to extract your data way. Otherwise any other option is welcome ! :) Thanks ! T. Michael Keesey wrote: On 5/3/07, Alain Rousseau [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi All, we're

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash / Java Communication with ExternalInterface

2007-05-03 Thread Alain Rousseau
into JSON. regards, Muzak - Original Message - From: Alain Rousseau [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Sent: Friday, May 04, 2007 12:40 AM Subject: Re: [Flashcoders] Flash / Java Communication with ExternalInterface Currently we're using

Re: [Flashcoders] AS2: generating new instances dynamically?

2007-05-02 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hi Sebastian, When extending the MovieClip Class in AS2, there is no way to access the constructor. All initializations should be done, like Matthias Dittgen mentionned with the optional initObject argument of attachMovie(libraryID, instanceName, depth, initObject) That way you set all the

Re: [Flashcoders] setting a timer in flash 8

2007-03-25 Thread Alain Rousseau
I made a Timer class that I use for another set of Classes I wrote. Here is the class itself, it's pretty precise and reliable so far. Hope it Helps ! usage : import ca.daroost.utils.Timer; soundTimer = new Timer(); soundTimer.addEventListener(onTimerDone, this);

Re: [Flashcoders] setting a timer in flash 8

2007-03-25 Thread Alain Rousseau
wantedEnd:Number = 2000; var curTime:Number = getTimer(); soundTimer.startTimer(curTime, wantedEnd); the Timer won't go for 2 seconds, but an event will be triggerred after 2 seconds of the Application launch. HTH Alain Rousseau wrote: I made a Timer class that I use for another set of Classes I

Re: [Flashcoders] Resize tool like Illustrator or photoshop white arrow

2007-03-25 Thread Alain Rousseau
You mean like a Free Distort tool ? I've seen some tests done with, can't remember the link ... might be a 3D experiment of some sort. I'll try to see if I bookmarked it. Cédric PASCAL wrote: Hello, I'am actionscript programmer and also a studiant an i'would like to know how to code a

Re: [Flashcoders] Dealing with size of a multi languages site

2007-03-22 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hi Robert, You should look into shared librairies for your fonts as it will spread the weight of the fonts over multiple files. For possible solution I'd recommend going over and search for font shared library Lots of discussion on the subject ! Good

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash JavaScript Integration Kit Issues

2007-03-22 Thread Alain Rousseau
Check more on the JavaScript Side, It might be a problem accessing the DOM objects in IE6. Check out document.documentElement in javascript, sometimes this is where the solution lies in such problems. put some alerts() at the key places and try to find the value of the Flash object for IE6

RE: [Flashcoders] Compiling with self-reference

2007-03-22 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hi Danny, Maybe make it a public var pParent:Clarss; or if you don't want your var to be accessed directly outside the class (best practice) class Clarss { private var _pParent:Clarss; function Clarss(tParent:Clarss) { pParent = (tParent != undefined) ?

RE: [Flashcoders] Anyway way to capture a SWF as a bitmap?

2007-03-21 Thread Alain Rousseau
Have you tried loading the swf inside a MovieClip and then trace the MovieClip to a BitmapData object ? I don't know if the same security restrictions apply to swf files as with image files ... Alain -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of

Re: [Flashcoders] Help: test EventDispatcher speed please

2007-03-20 Thread Alain Rousseau
Definitely slower on a Mac FF : EventBroadcaster: 5021 EventDispatcher: 16148 Safari : EventBroadcaster: 5845 EventDispatcher: 17080 Opera 8.5: EventBroadcaster: 5469 EventDispatcher: 17635 Player MAC, 9,0,28,0 no clue as to why tho ... Good luck ! Francis Bourre wrote: Hello list ! I

RE: [Flashcoders] Accessing an Associative Array

2007-03-13 Thread Alain Rousseau
Actually you have an Object not an Array when you define your variable : var myarray = { text:Lorem ipsum }; is the same as var myarray:Object = new Object(); myarray.text = Lorem ipsum; but with Actionscript you can access objects with the array notaion [] var

Re: [Flashcoders] Calling Captivate variables from Flash.

2007-03-09 Thread Alain Rousseau
You should go to the following sites : There you will find more answers to Captivate ! Good Luck ! Alain yuvarajm wrote: Hi, Thanks for

Re: [Flashcoders] Calling Captivate variables from Flash.

2007-03-08 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hi Yuvaraj, if you load your captivate file inside a Flash Movie with either loadMovie or MovieClipLoader, then you can access the variables directly through code. To know wich variables are available to you, you should look into XRay, it will list them all HTH

Re: [Flashcoders] Updating old source

2007-03-08 Thread Alain Rousseau
Gordon is a Flash Decompiler for Mac Glen Pike wrote: Hi, If your source's are corrupted and you still have the SWF's you may want to look at using a decompiler to rebuild your FLA files. I like ASV and Flash Decompiler

RE: [Flashcoders] AS3... when to start?

2007-03-05 Thread Alain Rousseau
The thing is, are you a graphic designer or a programmer? If the first, i'd recommend you stick with Flash, otherwise it's up to you to choose. Not all Flash websites are RIA, but they are tending to be so more and more. hence the need of a team : Designers -Flash , Programmers - Flex or FLash

Re: [Flashcoders] clearInterval(0);

2007-03-04 Thread Alain Rousseau
Well actually, clearInterval(0) clears the interval ID 0 lets say you have an interval defined : var myInt:Number = setInterval(this, doSomething, 1000); then it is possible that myInt = 0. The value of myInt is set by calling setInterval, which returns the ID of the interval, so doing

RE: [Flashcoders] Adding Dynamic Text to Scroll Pane

2007-03-01 Thread Alain Rousseau
Again you need to have your MovieClip inside the Library not on stage and contentPath takes only a String not a MovieClip. so you have to do the following : myListingScroll.contentPath = listingTextMC; // this does the same as attachMovie but inside the ScrollPane var listingMC:MovieClip =

RE: [Flashcoders] Set Interval Question

2007-03-01 Thread Alain Rousseau
You should rethink your approach, I believe it will be easier to just start a fade in, wait 10 seconds, fade out. When the fade out is complete start over with another picture. untested code below : import mx.transitions.Tween; import mx.transitions.easing.*; var curID = 0; fadeIn();

Re: [Flashcoders] Getting frustrated. regarding set Interval, and for loop.

2007-02-28 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hi Paul, actually what you should do with setInterval is something like setInterval(functionReference, interval); or to keep the scope of the interval : setInterval(this, functionReference, interval); secondly, if you want to load the image at a set interval, then your approach is wrong.

Re: [Flashcoders] Resize Flash content dynamically via JS in IE6 when DOCTYPE declaration is present in HTML

2007-02-28 Thread Alain Rousseau
If i look at the code from Eduardo Ramos, I can see a problem for IE6 in the pixelWidth property. I don't believe it exists ... what you should be doing is the following : function newSize(datoX,datoY) { var flashElement; if(document.all !document.getElementById) { flashElement =

Re: [Flashcoders] Getting frustrated. regarding set Interval, and for loop.

2007-02-28 Thread Alain Rousseau
syntax // rest of your resizing code afterwards // When you have all 5 images, stop calling the interval if (movieCount == 5) { this.clearInterval(myIntrvl); } } Alain Rousseau wrote: Hi Paul, actually what you should do with setInterval is something like setInterval

Re: [Flashcoders] Getting frustrated. regarding set Interval, and for loop.

2007-02-28 Thread Alain Rousseau
And another error on my part in doLoadImage replace i with movieCount Alain Rousseau wrote: Hi Paul, actually what you should do with setInterval is something like setInterval(functionReference, interval); or to keep the scope of the interval : setInterval(this, functionReference, interval

Re: [Flashcoders] Dragging a clip gives erratic ._x numbers

2007-02-28 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hi Paul, checked your files and indeed the position was wrong if you dragged and droped too fast. I made a simple fix to your code and now it works nicely. In your onRelease function you should grab the final position of your mc. Here is the code with a bit of cleaning up and use of Delegate

Re: [Flashcoders] Adding Dynamic Text to Scroll Pane

2007-02-28 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hello Steve and welcome to flashcoders, the proper way to set content for a ScrollPane is as follow : MyScrollPane.contentPath = myContent; where myContent is a MC in your library with a linkage ID myContent So what you should do is create a MovieClip with your dynamic text in it and export

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash 9 Full Screen Mode - Mac Player bugs?

2007-02-28 Thread Alain Rousseau
apart from Do not use Safari, ever ! , I don't know what could be the cause of this ... I've tried with a simple test, and indeed onRollOver and onRollOut seem to be overriden by something else ... If you *click* on the button with a onRollOver, then the call is made ! weird ! Definitely a

Re: [Flashcoders] Dragging a clip gives erratic ._x numbers

2007-02-28 Thread Alain Rousseau
onEnterFrame didn't give any better results either, it was definitely a case of how fast can Flash grab the exact _x postion when the button is released and the listener removed (or onEnterFrame deleted). Can't quite understand the logic of the sequence or timing, but it's definitely a case of

RE: [Flashcoders] Captivate and ActionScript

2007-02-27 Thread Alain Rousseau
Yup it is possible, but if you could be a bit more specific as to what you want to fetch and set, we can tell you which variables can or cannot be changed. Alain -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Roberto M. Basáñez González Sent: 26 février

[Flashcoders] RE : Captivate and ActionScript

2007-02-27 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hi Roberto, yes it's possible but you'll have to share more info as to what yo want to pass and get. There are certain ways of doing this. What is your setup ? Alain Roberto M. Basáñez González wrote: Hi All: I need to pass variables from swf animation to captivate and from captivate to

Re: [Flashcoders] Append variables to SWF server-side

2007-02-27 Thread Alain Rousseau
You should look into flasm ( or any code injecting software out there Mick G wrote: Does anyone know if there is a way to add data to a SWF file server-side? Eg. I have a swf that site on my server. I want users to be able to select an option from a dropdown

RE: [Flashcoders] IE 7 and

2007-02-19 Thread Alain Rousseau
this could be related to how you reference the ActiveX control in your javascript. Some things have changed a little between IE6 and IE7 regarding DOM objects access Alain -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: 19

Re: [Flashcoders] Action Script editor (OT)

2007-02-18 Thread Alain Rousseau
We would need the source code of FlashDevelop to compile with DarWINE on a Mac, it's not an emulator ! Toby wrote: Im not sure how good darwine is getting but that's something I would look at on the mac most definitely. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL

RE: [Flashcoders] Events for custom classes?

2007-02-16 Thread Alain Rousseau
Also if you want to create your own onResult Event (it's not a real event) you can do this without EventDispatcher or listeners : class com.boa.projects.iqrcgenerator.components.AdminData{ public var onResult:Function; private var userData:Object; public function

RE: [Flashcoders] Events for custom classes?

2007-02-16 Thread Alain Rousseau
Jason, So if I understand clearly what you want to do is : From Class A : (pseudo code following) class ClassA { private var instClassB:ClassB; make comboBox make datagrid function ClassA() { instClassB = new ClassB();

RE: [Flashcoders] Events for custom classes?

2007-02-16 Thread Alain Rousseau
I set that up right? Thanks, Jason Merrill Bank of America Learning Organizational Effectiveness -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Alain Rousseau Sent: Friday, February 16, 2007 3:01 PM To: 'Flashcoders mailing list' Subject

RE: [Flashcoders] onLoadComplete, but no onLoadInit

2007-02-14 Thread Alain Rousseau
I'd look for typos, wrong listener, etc ... If all that's clear then share your code with us so we can help you better ! :) Alain -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of T. Michael Keesey Sent: 14 février 2007 11:06 To: Flashcoders mailing list

RE: [Flashcoders] Tracking User progress through a presentation.

2007-02-06 Thread Alain Rousseau
SharedObjects would be much better than cookies as they are native to flash. or you can keep the progress on your server through a database. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Andy Herrman Sent: 6 février 2007 12:39 To: Flashcoders mailing

Re: [Flashcoders] determining which object is displayed at a givenpoint

2007-02-06 Thread Alain Rousseau
You have your answer in your question ! :) the _alpha is set to 0, thus invisible but still with a _visible = true property. So check for also the _alpha value, not only the _visible value Vishal Kapur wrote: Ok, got it. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this but it doesn't work with the

Re: [Flashcoders] Scrolling text with dragger??

2007-02-05 Thread Alain Rousseau Tolis Christomanos wrote: Hi all! Can anyone give a link to a tutorial for scrolling external text with dragger? Thanks in advance! ___

RE: [Flashcoders] loadMovie question

2007-02-02 Thread Alain Rousseau
You should try masking your movieclip through code, as you are loading into it with code : movieclip_a.masked.setMask(movieclip_a.mask); then your masked movieClip should remain masked even if you load a jpeg inside it. I say should, but I've not tested this precise setup ... HTH Alain

RE: [Flashcoders] loadMovie question

2007-02-02 Thread Alain Rousseau
Yes or use the MovieClipLoader class var mLoader:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader(); mLoader.load(movieclip_a.masked, image.jpg); If you load your jpeg to a depth of 0 it might overwrite the masked movieClip and thus you lose the mask as for the skewing, have you rotated or modified your

RE: [Flashcoders] loadMovie question

2007-02-02 Thread Alain Rousseau
and what are you tracing exactly ? that's only the result. But at first glance Target looks like a file path and not a clip path to me ... -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of [p e r c e p t i c o n] Sent: 2 février 2007 12:49 To: flashcoders

RE: [Flashcoders] Flash 8 Pro - new interface (for me)

2007-02-01 Thread Alain Rousseau
While in the workspace you can do CTRL-F (PC) or Command-F (Mac) to open the search window. It will search in all frames, all clips, etc ... Alain -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of BOYD SPEER Sent: 1 février 2007 09:32 To: Flashcoders

RE: [Flashcoders] Detecting NaN

2007-02-01 Thread Alain Rousseau
Simply use isNAN() method : p.htm?context=LiveDocs_Partsfile=1737.html if (isNAN(fooN)¨{ // do stuff else { // do else stuff } -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL

Re: [Flashcoders] Class Initiation Q:

2007-02-01 Thread Alain Rousseau
check out also this link : I've used it a few times and it works great ! Helmut Granda wrote: I created a simple class for an object that would be attached to the Stage with

Re: [Flashcoders] how do I setvalue and then getvalue between flash and scorm server

2007-02-01 Thread Alain Rousseau
if you can use ExternalInterface (Flash 8) or the Javascript Integration Kit ( to communicate back and forth with your LMS. As for having cuepoints triggering your actions you should look up FLVPlayback.cuePoint events

RE: [Flashcoders] onLoadInit running when swf doesn't exist

2007-01-31 Thread Alain Rousseau
have you tried defining your listening function before your loadText function ? Had similar problems when defining the event handlers after the load() call. Also you could use LoadVars to test the existence of the file firsthand. import mx.utils.Delegate; var fileExists:Boolean = false; var

RE: [Flashcoders] Need a volunteer Flash Programmer

2007-01-31 Thread Alain Rousseau
It's the website of the one asking for volunteer work ! -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of hank williams Sent: 31 janvier 2007 15:44 To: Flashcoders mailing list Subject: Re: [Flashcoders] Need a volunteer Flash Programmer On 1/31/07,

RE: [Flashcoders] Launch an application from CDROM based projector

2007-01-30 Thread Alain Rousseau
You cannot send parameters from fscommand to the bat file. Allready tried once to no avail. It is a security feature If I remember right my readings on the subject. Zinc would be a better option than fscommand. Or if you want to avoid Zinc, use fscommand to call a bat file that has all the

RE: [Flashcoders] SCORM?

2007-01-29 Thread Alain Rousseau
Usually we didn't have control over the LMS server but that didn't matter (except for updating and testing ... but that's another story) We delivered everything in our package ... let's say you had a directory structure as follow : - imsmanifest.xml - course (folder) - SCO1.html

RE: [Flashcoders] Shorhand for if statement without else statement

2007-01-29 Thread Alain Rousseau
Gee ! didn't know it was such a dirty hack ! lol -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Steven Sacks | BLITZ Sent: 29 janvier 2007 13:14 To: Flashcoders mailing list Subject: RE: [Flashcoders] Shorhand for if statement without else statement

RE: [Flashcoders] access movieclip trough a class

2007-01-29 Thread Alain Rousseau
You must defined the variable first in your class before using it. class Holder extends MovieClip { private var mc1:MovieClip; function Holder() { mc1._x = 50; } } that way you won't get any compiler errors Alain -Original Message- From:

Re: [Flashcoders] SCORM?

2007-01-27 Thread Alain Rousseau
You have 2 solutions concerning your Quizz issue, 1. In case each question is a SCO, get the current score from the LMS with FlashVars and send the updated value to the LMS. 2. Have your quiz (all 21 questions) in only one SCO and send the score at the end. as for the FLV's they should be

Re: [Flashcoders] SCORM?

2007-01-27 Thread Alain Rousseau
For your FLV, you should load it dynamically and keep it external. We had lots of external assets used by our SWF (MP3, FLV, pictures) and we kept them out of the SCOs and out of the imsmanifest.xml, it was becoming hard to list all those files in there ! But if you only have a few external

Re: [Flashcoders] Trace the _x and _y from node of Tree component

2007-01-27 Thread Alain Rousseau
import mx.utils.Delegate; var listenerObject:Object = new Object(); listenerObject.itemRollOver = Delegate.create(this, handleRollOver); function handleRollOver(eventObject:Object) { trace(menuTree2.selectedNode._y); } menuTree2.addEventListener (itemRollOver, listenerObject); If the

Re: [Flashcoders] triangle help

2007-01-26 Thread Alain Rousseau
You can also check this post : where i share a class of mine called TriangleSolver ... in your case, you can use the sine rule method Sine Rule : side1/angle1 = side2/angle2 = side3/angle3 or hypotheneuse/90 =

Re: [Flashcoders] Shorhand for if statement without else statement

2007-01-26 Thread Alain Rousseau
you could take that a bit further : (foo) ? foo() : (bar) ? bar() : (foobar) ? foobar() : trace(sorry! no soup for you!); Steven Sacks | BLITZ wrote: function foo() { trace(foo); } function bar() { trace(bar); } (true) ? foo() : bar(); -- foo (false) ? foo() : bar(); -- bar

Re: [Flashcoders] Loading international language XML into Flash

2007-01-16 Thread Alain Rousseau
Using system fonts is the best idea since people that will read in Chinese will have the Chinese language installed on their comp. That's what I did for a multilanguage site i'm working on. For my part it's not XML but either text from a database or text file saved in UTF-8. To test your

RE: [Flashcoders] Critical bug in IE

2007-01-10 Thread Alain Rousseau
Had this problem as well recently, I used XRay to see what was going on and I noticed that 2 or 3 times the Stage onResize event would be triggered with height and width values of 0 before getting the correct values. So I only added a conditional statement to delay my positioning actions : var

Re: [Flashcoders] Chinese characters in mailto: link

2006-12-26 Thread Alain Rousseau
You first need to activate Chinese language pack on your computer to be able to see the characters properly throughout your system, maybe it's that ? or maybe your e-mail program doesn't take the characters as UTF-8 , then you might need to specify other kinds of encoding for your mailto ...

RE: [Flashcoders] Area of a triangle using perimiter values only

2006-12-14 Thread Alain Rousseau
Speaking of Triangles, I made an utility Class to help me solve Triangle problems and the formulas are all taken from mathworld website It will help you get the missing values of your triangles : Hope it helps someone out there ... Alain

RE: [Flashcoders] disable flvplayback seekBar

2006-12-14 Thread Alain Rousseau
check to see if this will help you It might disable all controls but you could turn them back on the same way -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Michael Appenzellar

RE: [Flashcoders] cuepoint/flvplayback question

2006-12-12 Thread Alain Rousseau
Have you tried using MediaDisplay instead of FlvPlayback ? You won't have any controls showing, only your FLV. Or you can adjust your skin parameter of your component : HTH -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

RE: [Flashcoders] preloader not completely preloading...

2006-12-11 Thread Alain Rousseau
The only place I see where this could fail, is at your if line. You should probably calculate nTBytes outside your checkLoad() function and pass it as a variable at your first call. for your if statement you should maybe write it like this : var minPercentLoad:Number = 100; if ( nPercent ==

Re: [Flashcoders] MovieClipLoader/loadMovie vs. digit on instance name

2006-12-09 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hi Wagner, INMHO, the best way to add your numbers to the name of MovieClip is to first define a variable as the base name of your mc, then add the number (id) to that base name. I do it like this : var baseName:String = newWin_; var mcID:Number = Math.round( Math.random() * 100 ); var

RE: [Flashcoders] Loading library movie clips sequentially? Best way to do this?

2006-11-29 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hi Micky, if you want to spread the load across time, the best approach is to have 36 .swf files that you load one at a time. To perform the loading you should use the MovieClipLoader (look it up on HYPERLINK

Re: [Flashcoders] AS2 Flash Remoting Troubles

2006-11-24 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hi Graham, Did you check your typos ? we forget sometimes but, this is often the first place to look ! pc.responder = new RelayResponder(this, onEchoResul, onEchoFault); you forgot the t in onEchoResult :) A. Graham Pearson wrote: -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 I am

RE: [Flashcoders] AS2 Flash Remoting Troubles

2006-11-24 Thread Alain Rousseau
This may be a scoping problem, As you define your result handling function inside your clic handler. You could try this : import mx.utils.Delegate; // your usual code here = Delegate.create(this, clickHandler); function clickHandler() { var

RE: [Flashcoders] MP3 sound cutting out

2006-11-09 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hi Paul, Does your screen length (time) affect the sound or is it the sound that determines the length of a screen ? Firsthand, it sounds like a synch problem to me. Is there any other places where you call stopAllSounds() or playSound() ? This might as well affect the cut off. HTH A.

RE: [Flashcoders] Detecting a click on an html link in a text field

2006-11-08 Thread Alain Rousseau
Hi Mark, You should look into asfunction p.htm?context=LiveDocs_Partsfile=1719.html It lets you call AS functions through links in a html textlike this : a href=asfunction:myFunction,arg1,arg2 HTH A.

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