RE: [Flashcoders] E4X, it's just not my day.

2010-02-05 Thread Alan Watts
Your artistBio closing tag is /artist, making it invalid XML. Hope it helps! Alan OK, why is this happening? var artData:XML = new XML(art bios artistBio f=Peter s=Agrafiotisan artist/artist artistBio f=Larry s=DenningHe sucks/artist

[Flashcoders] Toon Fu!

2009-11-22 Thread Alan Watts
Hi all, I have been working on an AS3-based animation app and finally have made a version public: Anyone interested in some beta-testing? There are still some bugs, but it's stable and usable. I'd love to get feedback from some folks who are animators.

[Flashcoders] RE: Input textfield's Event.CHANGE doesn't fire for backspace?

2009-09-30 Thread Alan Watts
What if you use the KeyboardEvent.KEY_UP event instead? I don't know what you're trying to accomplish, but I've always used the KeyboardEvents for textfield interactions. Alan Hey List, Consider something like this: //inputTextField is multilined and wordWrapped

[Flashcoders] RE: Rather urgent advice on how to track the cause of a crash

2009-09-05 Thread Alan Watts
fdb? It's a good way to trackdown elusive bugs. Hopefully you can recreate the error though, because you'd be the only one who can do the inspection. Alan On Sep 5, 2009, at 11:00 AM,

[Flashcoders] Security.showSettings() freak-out : solved

2009-09-02 Thread Alan Watts
It turns out that setting a low '-default-script-limits' in mxmlc was causing the freaking out. Strange. Alan ___ Flashcoders mailing list

[Flashcoders] Security.showSettings() freak-out

2009-09-02 Thread Alan Watts
Hi all, I'm building an audio recording app and the Security settings window is acting totally bizarre. This swf is a direct build of the SecurityExample from the SecurityPanel class documentation in the AS3/Flex Language Reference. I downloaded the latest

[Flashcoders] static vs singleton

2007-09-14 Thread Alan Watts
hi all, I have a model class that contains xml data for a file I am manipulating. What would be the difference between setting it up as a singleton and just accessing it via static vars and methods? myFile.load(file name='oldName'); myFile.setFileName('NewFileName'); with the class

[Flashcoders] Re: Parse/ Create swf via Actionscript 3.0

2007-08-31 Thread Alan Watts
I was going to start this a few months ago and then found some perl modules that do it: My project is more suited for server-side swf generation, but these could be ported to as3 fairly easily. hope it helps, Alan Curious if anybody knows

[Flashcoders] Re: Copying an embedded sprite

2007-08-05 Thread Alan Watts
I've never had any problems using this function to return an embedded asset as a bitmap which I can then manipulate or attach. The getQualifiedSuperclassName if-statement is there because I have some assets with scale-9 enabled and they are returned as sprites, so I convert them first.

[Flashcoders] JOB: drag and drop product designer app

2007-01-04 Thread Alan Watts
hi all, is looking for a freelance actionscript developer to create a wysiwyg product customizer using the images you create on the site. The app will be heavy on xml exchange and bitmap transformation, so AS3 is welcomed (actually preferred). The functionality and interface

[Flashcoders] mouseup outside the browser?

2006-12-16 Thread Alan Watts
hi all, Is there a way to detect a mouseup outside the browser window in AS3? Or are mouse events trapped to the stage? thanks! Alan ___ To change your subscription options or search the archive:

[Flashcoders] Re: Good External Actionscript Editor for Mac?

2006-12-13 Thread Alan Watts
I use BBEdit along with a custom Applescript to compile my AS3 with mxmlc and then view the resulting build (if successful) in Firefox. In BBEdit, I set up Apple-Return to run the script so it's just like using the Flash IDE (but better). Alan On Dec 13, 2006, at 1:22 PM, flashcoders-

Re: [Flashcoders] AS3, BitmapData and domain security

2006-07-23 Thread Alan Watts
I don't see the point of restricting access to BitmapData from another server when all you have to do to get at it is use a proxy script on your own server. Here's an example: intl/en/images/logo.gif I was doing something