Re: [Flashcoders] How to expand import * statements?

2008-03-24 Thread Andy Herrman
FlashDevelop does that for you in AS2 (and I think AS3, I just haven't gotten to play with that yet). I've pretty much stopped writing imports manually. :) -Andy On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 10:21 AM, Merrill, Jason [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: FWIW, (just noticed you said AS 2.0... the following

Re: [Flashcoders] clean scripting

2008-03-12 Thread Andy Herrman
Here's my understanding of the reason behind this: AS2 is basically just syntactic sugar over AS1, and gets compiled down to the same thing. When defining a class you're actually defining things on the prototype, so doing this: -- class MyClass { public var myArray:Array; public

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash is full of surprises. I will show you how to move movie-clip using a reference to another deleted clip.

2008-03-11 Thread Andy Herrman
to manipulate the last one. mc._y = 100; } doClips(); //compile error, but would not work anyway. mc._y = 200; //would work. star_mc_9._y = 200; I bet the reference goes out of scope once you exit the function you are in? If not, then that maybe a bug. Glen Andy Herrman

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash is full of surprises. I will show you how to move movie-clip using a reference to another deleted clip.

2008-03-10 Thread Andy Herrman
So you're saying variables like mc are effectively pointers? Well crap. I thought I didn't have to worry about pointers when I wasn't working in C... :) (I say after just debugging some really weird memory issue in C++ code...) -Andy On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 4:08 AM, strk [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Flashcoders] Anyone know of good mac app that will trace outside of Flash

2008-02-07 Thread Andy Herrman
I've been using Alcon: It's lighter weight and much simpler than xray and has been quite useful. You can run it from the provided exe or from the SWF. The SWF should work fine on the Mac. -Andy On Feb 7, 2008 7:07 AM, Sidney de Koning [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Flashcoders] DataGrid: Extra Row

2008-02-05 Thread Andy Herrman
You say your loop is going the correct amount of times, but have you checked the array? Try looping over the array and tracing all the elements (along with the length of the array). Does what you get match what you expect? -Andy On Feb 5, 2008 11:45 AM, Lehr, Theodore M (N-SGIS) [EMAIL

Re: [Flashcoders] How to call class method from a movieclip?

2008-01-30 Thread Andy Herrman
If you want your contentMC class to be able to call methods on your myClass then you should probably pass the myClass instance to the contentMC. Basically, add a parameter to contentMC's constructor of type myClass, and pass a reference to 'this' when you create it. Something like this: public

Re: [Flashcoders] buttons lined up next to each other- rollout not work

2008-01-16 Thread Andy Herrman
Try using a variable local to the for loop for the target: //this also sets the event handling in one shot for (i=0; i5; i++) { clipName = this[clip+i]; var myTarget= _root[text+i] trace(target); clipName.onRollOver = function() { Tweener.addTween(this.person,{_alpha:100,

Re: [Flashcoders] Classes added

2008-01-15 Thread Andy Herrman
So then it is safe to do import flash.display.*; Only if you're not going to run into any naming conflicts. I generally find it's better to only import the classes you're going to use, for a couple reasons. 1) It reduces the chance of naming conflicts (like two packages having Button classes

Re: [Flashcoders] extends implements

2008-01-10 Thread Andy Herrman
I normally just declare the extends, as the docs for the base class would already show that it fits the interface. However, in my AS2 code (I'm also working in java, C#, and C++ right now) I've started declaring the interfaces as well. The reason I started doing that is that the documentation

Re: [Flashcoders] Reliable way to split a string into an array of lines?

2007-09-13 Thread Andy Herrman
The fastest (execution, not writing) way would probably be to do your own loop over the string and find all the positions of line breaks (either \r or \n) and use just use substring to pull out the individual lines. If you do end up trying RegExes I'd be very interested in how you do it. The

Re: [Flashcoders] What would cause this...

2007-09-13 Thread Andy Herrman
Just as a sanity check, are you sure your handlers for those other events are set up properly? Could you post the code? It might be easier to tell what's wrong if we can see it. -Andy On 9/12/07, Max Kaufmann [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm downloading a SWF using the Loader class. It

Re: [Flashcoders] toString(aArray[i]) ?? does this work

2007-09-12 Thread Andy Herrman
I think what you really want is this: var myStr:String = aArray[i].toString(); I don't know of any global toString() function. What's probably happening is that you're doing the equivalent of `this.toString(aArray[i])`. The scope object's toString function ignores all arguments and gives you

Re: [Flashcoders] toString(aArray[i]) ?? does this work

2007-09-12 Thread Andy Herrman
. }; } } Again any follow up on this post would be appreciated. Paul V. - Original Message - From: Andy Herrman [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]; Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2007 12:00 PM Subject: Re: [Flashcoders

Re: [Flashcoders] toString(aArray[i]) ?? does this work

2007-09-12 Thread Andy Herrman
You say [object Object] is the correct output if the object is a movie clip. This isn't the behavior I see. Any time I trace a movie clip I get the clip's name (, not the generic object results. -Andy On 9/11/07, Hal Leonard [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Try

Re: [Flashcoders] How to share class library across a network?

2007-09-12 Thread Andy Herrman
Try mapping the network share to a drive letter (I'm assuming you're in Windows here). Some tools don't work well with network paths, but if you map the shared folder to a drive letter then it would appear to those tools as a local path. That might help fix your compile errors. -Andy On

Re: [Flashcoders] Displaying Progress of calls to external scripts

2007-09-12 Thread Andy Herrman
Is it possible the server that's providing the XML isn't providing the content length in the response headers? Without this Flash won't know what the total size is, which could explain why you're getting 0. -Andy On 9/11/07, Paul Steven [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am calling several external

Re: [Flashcoders] Traversing through Object goes backwards

2007-09-12 Thread Andy Herrman
Objects work pretty much like hashtables (from my understanding). Hashtables generally don't guarantee any kind of ordering. Flash may enforce some kind of ordering (y seems to be going in reverse order of when things were added) but I don't know of any ordering and generally treat it as

Re: [Flashcoders] state array for combo box?

2007-09-10 Thread Andy Herrman
state array? I'm not sure what you mean. -Andy On 9/9/07, Corban Baxter [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: anyone have a simple state array for a combox i could steal? :) thanks! -- -cb ___ To change your subscription

Re: [Flashcoders] Function call from a function

2007-09-07 Thread Andy Herrman
You're having scope issues. When the onRelease function is called its scope is the movie clip (closer_mc), not the class. Try this: At the top of your class' file: import mx.utils.Delegate; Then define the onRelease function this way: target_mc.closer_mc.onRelease = Delegate.create(this,

Re: [Flashcoders] Can't access

2007-09-06 Thread Andy Herrman
My guess is that your this variable is getting mixed up. I'm not familiar with the Delegate.function usage, but that function may be being called with a scope you're not expecting. Try just using a regular function there. You've already set up the 'ref' member of the 'swfListen' object, so

[Flashcoders] Strange FMS application initialization problem

2007-09-05 Thread Andy Herrman
Our production servers have run into a strange problem initializing application instances and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen it (I couldn't find any mention of it online, but my google skills aren't the best). Sometimes when an application is initializing and loading its dependent files we

Re: [Flashcoders] FMS2 Installation Failure

2007-09-04 Thread Andy Herrman
Hmm, the only problem I remember having when installing was windows firewall blocking the ports, but it sounds like you already disabled that. Are you sure you have the hostname and application names correct in the test app you're using? -Andy On 9/3/07, Daniel Calderón [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Flashcoders] Iterator question

2007-08-30 Thread Andy Herrman
Why not use a hashtable instead of an array? Give your elements all unique IDs (you could even just do an incrementing integer). A hashtable would give you faster lookup (don't have to iterate over the array searching for it) and you can remove hashtable entries without messing up any kind of

Re: [Flashcoders] Real Player 11 messing up Flash application UI

2007-08-23 Thread Andy Herrman
, at 2:58 PM, Andy Herrman wrote: I haven't been able to find any documentation about how they're detecting it. Anyone played around with this yet? Are there any known methods to prevent that toolbar from appearing? This is hideously bad news. Adobe should fire up the legal department

Re: [Flashcoders] Real Player 11 messing up Flash application UI

2007-08-23 Thread Andy Herrman
-Andy On 8/23/07, Andy Herrman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Just ran into another issue, and this one is actively breaking things, not just causing UI annoyances. RP11 seems to be doing something to prevent LocalConnections from being cleaned up. Our application uses a couple SWFs for the UI

Re: [Flashcoders] Intro to OOP using ActionScript: patterns derail!

2007-08-22 Thread Andy Herrman
The fancy names are kind of useful actually. Most of the patterns I've learned but I didn't know the fancy/official names for them. This caused some confusion when talking with my coworker as he would be simply using the names instead of the concepts and I'd have to stop and figure out which one

Re: [Flashcoders] flash media server2 installation query

2007-08-20 Thread Andy Herrman
Check to make sure the windows firewall isn't blocking connections to FMS. I had that problem when I first installed it on my machine. -Andy On 8/20/07, Jeff Harrington [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You should definitely read the docs, but here it is quick. You don't need Apache or IIS - it's a

[Flashcoders] Real Player 11 messing up Flash application UI

2007-08-20 Thread Andy Herrman
For those who don't know, Real Player 11 (in beta right now) added a feature that lets users download videos embedded in flash applications (like youtube, google video, etc). It does this by adding an entry to Flash's rightclick menu and by having a mini-toolbar appear at the top left of the

Re: [Flashcoders] Classes 101 [was: Version control and Flash ]

2007-08-13 Thread Andy Herrman
The reason I don't like extending MovieClip is that it gives the user of my classes too much control over the internals of my class. Specifically, if I'm wrapping MovieClip I'm generally creating something with a lot of special behavior, which sometimes causes restrictions on things like position

Re: [Flashcoders] fms application class

2007-08-08 Thread Andy Herrman
Your syntax looks fine. What do you mean by it isn't recognized as a method? -Andy On 8/8/07, [p e r c e p t i c o n] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi folks, i know htis isn't the fms list, but can anyone tell how to define a method in the asc file... for example i tried to define a method

Re: [Flashcoders] fms application class

2007-08-08 Thread Andy Herrman
, the server logs indicate that the method isn't defined... however if i define it using Client.helloServer = function() it seems to work, but my concern is that this isn't really remote...i want the client to call the application's method thanks p On 8/8/07, Andy Herrman [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: [Flashcoders] garbage collection and asychronous execution

2007-08-07 Thread Andy Herrman
Which is probably a good argument for always using the other form of setInterval: setInterval(this, test, 1000); I assume in this case the object wouldn't be garbage collected because setInterval's internals now has a reference to it. -Andy On 8/6/07, Mark Winterhalder [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Flashcoders] Prevent flash from caching the loaded assets

2007-08-07 Thread Andy Herrman
Yes, the SWF would be easy to decompile, but I think as soon as you start worrying about someone decompiling the SWF to cheat you're pretty much out of luck, as they can always decompile your game's SWF instead and find out everything there is to know about the game. That would probably give them

Re: [Flashcoders] stage.stageWidth annoyance

2007-08-07 Thread Andy Herrman
I can't speak to AS3, but in AS2 I have to do an interval which constantly checks the stage width. Initially it's the size given at build time, then it switches to 0, then some time later it switches to the actual size. I have all my initialization wait until I see the size set to something

Re: [Flashcoders] Prevent flash from caching the loaded assets

2007-08-06 Thread Andy Herrman
I think the caching is controlled by the browser, not Flash itself, so I don't believe there's a way within flash to prevent caching. Maybe you could do some trickery with the images that makes it harder for the person looking at the cached stuff to see it. Like, split up the main image into

Re: [Flashcoders] Q: loop speed AS2 and AS3

2007-07-30 Thread Andy Herrman
Wow. I know Flash 9 was faster than 8, but I didn't realize it was that big a difference. Anyone know what the difference is in image processing speed? I've been looking at porting an application we have to Flash that does a bunch of image processing (needs to be able to download raw image data

Re: [Flashcoders] Backend compiled Java or scripted PHP?

2007-07-19 Thread Andy Herrman
I haven't done any work in PHP so I can't really comment on its usefulness, but I've found doing web stuff in Java isn't particularly hard. There are a number of possibilities for doing Java work on the server that makes it easier too. We use Apache Tomcat here. It handles all the HTTP

Re: [Flashcoders] Using createEmptyMovieClip to create MovieClips within MovieClips

2007-07-17 Thread Andy Herrman
I've never seen createEmptyMovieClip or attachMovie take time. I'm pretty sure those are blocking actions, so once it's returned the clip exists. -Andy On 7/16/07, o renken [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: theres a little time needed to create the MC..i think thats the reason for your undefined. try

Re: [Flashcoders] Question on old AS1 code

2007-06-22 Thread Andy Herrman
The HTTP vs HTTPS stuff should be completely handled by the browser, so I don't think the plugin would have any issues. One thing I find helpful for debugging these kinds of problems is Fiddler ( This will log all requests IE makes and the responses to them.

Re: [Flashcoders] Combo Box Component Errors

2007-06-21 Thread Andy Herrman
I responded to your direct e-mail with a more detailed explanation, but for the benefit of the list: The way to fix this is to either do: this._lockroot = true; at the top of the AS code in the SWF that contains the combo boxes, or do: loadedMovie._lockroot = true; in the loader movie, where

Re: [Flashcoders] Whats the best way to communicate with the serverside?

2007-06-05 Thread Andy Herrman
It really depends on what kind of data you need to pass around. One other option is to have the server be able to receive XML data and respond with other XML data. Flash can generate and parse XML fairly easily. We do something similar to this in our application, where Flash generates an XML

Re: [Flashcoders] Strange ComboBox issues when loaded in a child SWF

2007-06-01 Thread Andy Herrman
On 5/31/07, Andy Herrman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The application I'm working on gets all of its UI resources from a separate SWF. This will allow us to internationalize/brand the UI by simply providing different resource SWFs. Because the UI resources are all in the child movie I have

[Flashcoders] Strange ComboBox issues when loaded in a child SWF

2007-05-31 Thread Andy Herrman
The application I'm working on gets all of its UI resources from a separate SWF. This will allow us to internationalize/brand the UI by simply providing different resource SWFs. Because the UI resources are all in the child movie I have to construct the UI within the movie clips owned by that

Re: [Flashcoders] combo box problem

2007-05-30 Thread Andy Herrman
Any chance you're loading child SWFs and then trying to attach the combo boxes there? I'm running into some very strange behavior when doing that (will be posting about it in the next day or so once I narrow it down some more). -Andy On 5/30/07, Carl Welch [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have

Re: [Flashcoders] functions for other classes within a class

2007-05-25 Thread Andy Herrman
Since that function is a class function the compiler assumes it will only be called with that class as the context. Since Controller doesn't have the function then it won't compile. What I would do is this: import mx.utils.Delegate; class { private

Re: [Flashcoders] splitting the list?

2007-05-24 Thread Andy Herrman
I second that suggestion. Gmail is really good for storing mailing lists. My account has this one (fairly high traffic) and a couple gentoo related ones (massively high traffic). Between the two lists I have over 19000 conversations (which can each have a large number of individual mails).

Re: [Flashcoders] splitting the list?

2007-05-24 Thread Andy Herrman
of Flashcoders. And: I would also not split Flashcoders.. Matthias 2007/5/24, Andy Herrman [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I second that suggestion. Gmail is really good for storing mailing lists. My account has this one (fairly high traffic) and a couple gentoo related ones (massively high traffic

Re: [Flashcoders] Fwd: Timeline label question

2007-05-23 Thread Andy Herrman
I haven't seen the book so this is completely a guess, but is it possible he wants the actions in frame 1 to happen before the loading display (maybe some pre-loading initialization) but the actions in frame 5 need to happen after the loading display has been shown? -Andy On 5/22/07, Jeff

Re: SPAM-LOW: Re: [Flashcoders] flash and USB port

2007-05-21 Thread Andy Herrman
That's only true for USB drives. There are plenty of other things that can be plugged into a USB port, like modems, joysticks, missile launchers, etc. -Andy On 5/18/07, Derek Vadneau [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: A USB device isn't connected to a port. It is assigned a drive letter and is a

Re: [Flashcoders] Local Connection / Intel Mac bug??

2007-05-17 Thread Andy Herrman
Is your situation the same as Jeff's? Specifically, is one SWF running in Flash 9 natively and the other running in Flash 8 through Rosetta? If so then I doubt they would be able to connect via local connection. My understanding of how Local Connection works is that it uses shared memory

Re: [Flashcoders] animating buttons

2007-05-10 Thread Andy Herrman
I haven't done animations so I can't really help you there, but as for your other question: * what's better practice: creating an emptyclip on the parent outside the class and pass the empty instance in to the constructor, or pass the parent in and let the class create an empty clip if needed?

Re: [Flashcoders] LocalConnection via localhost failure

2007-05-04 Thread Andy Herrman
Try throwing some traces in there along with the Alerts. For some reason I've had trouble getting Alert dialogs to appear (I'd make the call to show it but it would never show up on screen). I never figured out why it was happening, but it's possible you're having the same problem. Maybe

Re: [Flashcoders] Blue effect via scripting

2007-05-03 Thread Andy Herrman
Can you give more specific information on what you're trying to do? What do you mean by blue effect? -Andy On 5/3/07, Prince Zain [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, Do anybody know how to generate blue effect on mouse roll over on movie clip have bitmap image in it via action scripting. I don't

Re: [Flashcoders] factory with varying numbers of params

2007-05-01 Thread Andy Herrman
There are two ways I can think of to do this. One would be to have multiple factory functions, one for each type of object you want to create. The other would be to create a simple class (FactoryParams or something like that) which stores all the parameters. You pass that as the parameter

Re: [Flashcoders] AS2: generating new instances dynamically?

2007-05-01 Thread Andy Herrman
Or have the function return it, which is what it seems like would be the right thing for that method. -Andy On 5/1/07, Ron Wheeler [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am not sure if you are showing all the code but in your code fragment, newPost is a local variable that will be destroyed as soon as

Re: [Flashcoders] Javascript SetVariable -- when does Flash see thechange?

2007-04-25 Thread Andy Herrman
Could you set a watch on the variable? I haven't done it, but my understanding is that you can set a function to be called any time a particular variable is changed. In theory this would let you know when the value was changed by javascript and then you can handle it.

Re: [Flashcoders] scoping issue (?) with static, recursive function

2007-04-24 Thread Andy Herrman
You need a 'return' before the recursive call: class com.research.StaticRecurse { public static function getOuterMostParent(mc:MovieClip,mcRoot:MovieClip):MovieClip { if (mc._parent._name == garden) { trace(inside getOuterMostParent:

Re: [Flashcoders] AS2.0 Question - passing data between classes

2007-04-24 Thread Andy Herrman
getInstance() is usually used for accessing Singleton classes. These are classes of which only a single instance can exist. This way any class can call getInstance (a static method) to get the class, and that class can store shared data. Take a look at this:

Re: [Flashcoders] Changing Green (halogreen) highlight color

2007-04-24 Thread Andy Herrman
I believe you can use the setStyle function to do it. For instance, in some of my code where I'm setting up a combo box I have this (I forget which color setting actually changes the focus rectangle, but I think it's 'themeColor'): comboBox.setStyle('themeColor', 0x007CBA);

Re: [Flashcoders] Basic class for swf-question

2007-04-23 Thread Andy Herrman
The way I do it is to have a static main method in your mother class that takes the root movie clip as an argument, and then in the first frame of the movie do: main.class.package.MyFabFlashApp.main(this); Most of the time that function is just something like this: public static function

[Flashcoders] Why does this work?!

2007-04-17 Thread Andy Herrman
I just realized that there are a number of switch statements in my code which probably shouldn't work, yet appear to, and I'm wondering why. Here's a really simple example. I have a class that tracks the connection state of my app, with the following values used as the states (read-only

Re: [Flashcoders] preloader and cacheing problem

2007-04-17 Thread Andy Herrman
What's the value that replaces +file+? That's where the unique identifier would appear if there was one, but that would just handle the preloader file. If you have the FLA for the preloader movie then you should be able to take a look at the code and see if it's appending a unique identifier to

Re: [Flashcoders] Why does this work?!

2007-04-17 Thread Andy Herrman
) { case ConnectionState.CONNECTED : case ConnectionState.FAILURE : { break; } default : { cs = ConnectionState.NOT_CONNECTED ; } } this._connectionState = cs ; } EKA+ :) 2007/4/17, Andy

Re: [Flashcoders] Why does this work?!

2007-04-17 Thread Andy Herrman
own test results? :) Yes you can do this, and flash will execute the first matching case statement. Any other matches will be ignored. greetz JC On 4/17/07, Andy Herrman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I just realized that there are a number of switch statements in my code which probably shouldn't

Re: [Flashcoders] Make page ads refresh on Flash click events

2007-04-13 Thread Andy Herrman
Do they want the changes to happen while navigating within the flash application itself, or while navigating between HTML pages? If it's all within the flash app then you shouldn't need javascript at all. You'd just need to add to your navigation code to have it refresh the ad area. -Andy On

Re: [Flashcoders] Little OT - USB drive autorun?

2007-04-13 Thread Andy Herrman
My understanding is that the U3 stuff requires specific stuff to be implemented in the firmware. The flash drive's firmware actually simulates a CD-ROM along with the flash drive, and uses the windows autorun feature for CDs to actually launch the program. It won't work on machines that have

Re: [Flashcoders] double clicking on swfs to click button

2007-04-10 Thread Andy Herrman
Actually, to me it sounds like he's using Windows and is running into the Eolas thing. If that's the case, the problem is that, due to patent issues, Microsoft had to change IE's behavior with ActiveX controls (which Flash and Java both use for their plugins) such that they don't get any mouse

Re: [Flashcoders] poll on editors/IDe

2007-04-06 Thread Andy Herrman
If you're going for both IDEs and straight editors I'd add: Vim Notepad++ On 4/6/07, Merrill, Jason [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: FlashDevelop Flexbuilder SciTe Flash Jason Merrill Bank of America GTO Learning Leadership Development eTools Multimedia Team -Original Message- From:

Re: [Flashcoders] manipulate 32bit integer

2007-04-05 Thread Andy Herrman
I'd do: color = (color (0x00FF)) | (alpha 24); removes that shift and is a little easier to tell what's happening (I always mix up which right shift does what). Though it probably doesn't matter. :) -Andy On 4/5/07, Oliver Müller [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: thanks - thats 10 ms faster

Re: [Flashcoders] creatTextField Help

2007-04-05 Thread Andy Herrman
Try throwing some trace statements in there to see if things are being instantiated correctly. Specifically, after the createEMptyMovieClip try: trace(_root.Art_MC); and after the createTextField() call, try adding this: trace(_root.Art_MC[Art_Txt]); It's possible something isn't being

Re: [Flashcoders] Entities are Hell!

2007-04-04 Thread Andy Herrman
My guess is that you were just using the node itself instead of getting nodeValue (basically using the toString() function). If that's the case then toString probably gives the raw data in the file, while using nodeValue does the full conversion of the data in the node. -Andy On 4/4/07,

Re: [Flashcoders] flash database - very conservative connections

2007-04-02 Thread Andy Herrman
I'm guessing you're using the version of IIS that comes with XP when running locally. That version has a very low limit on the number of concurrent connections it allows. It's possible that you're hitting that limit when running locally (Flash might not be completely closing the connections or

Re: [Flashcoders] LocalConnection security

2007-04-02 Thread Andy Herrman
Generally I think it's a good idea to come up with unique (dynamic) names for the local connections, but this requires sharing data between the SWFs in some other way. In my case they are both part of web pages served from the same source, so I can populate a parameter that's passed to both that

Re: [Flashcoders] SWF Only Loads Once

2007-04-02 Thread Andy Herrman
If I follow that code properly you're adding a 'no-cache' value to the headers. I'm not sure if that's the right way to do it. Try this. Add some query parameter to the end of your URL that has a unique value (like the current time in milliseconds). So something like:

Re: [Flashcoders] Problem controlling multiple movies with one class

2007-03-29 Thread Andy Herrman
I bet the problem is path related. If you have a holder movie that's running, which is loading the 2 SWFs, then the paths to the config XML files would be relative to the holder movie's path, not the SWFs your loading (I'm pretty sure that's true). Your base class is probably using the same

Re: [Flashcoders] Re: attachMovie vs createClassObject

2007-03-26 Thread Andy Herrman
for a frame using doLater. I hope this helps Yehia Shouman On 3/23/07, Andy Herrman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Just to amend my previous comment, in the case where I said `createClassObject()` failed but `attachMovie()` didn't, that ended up to be not quite true. `createClassObject()` didn't do

[Flashcoders] Re: attachMovie vs createClassObject

2007-03-23 Thread Andy Herrman
of the component's code was actually loaded, so while it appeared to be working it really wasn't. But in the cases where one works the other seems to work as well, so I'm still wondering what the difference is. -Andy On 3/20/07, Andy Herrman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm wondering if there are any significant

Re: [Flashcoders] QT in IE returning null value to flash

2007-03-22 Thread Andy Herrman
;) Bob On 3/20/07, Andy Herrman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Have you tried getting the value out using just Javascript (no Flash involved)? See if that works. It might make it easier to debug (removing a layer of complexity). Maybe IE has some security in place that's preventing the access

[Flashcoders] attachMovie vs createClassObject

2007-03-20 Thread Andy Herrman
I'm wondering if there are any significant differences between using `attachMovie()` and `createClassObject()` for creating components (I'm targeting for Flash 7). I just ran into a weird issue creating a ComboBox where I was using `createClassObject()` to instantiate it, but saw that elsewhere

Re: [Flashcoders] QT in IE returning null value to flash

2007-03-20 Thread Andy Herrman
Have you tried getting the value out using just Javascript (no Flash involved)? See if that works. It might make it easier to debug (removing a layer of complexity). Maybe IE has some security in place that's preventing the access of the values from QT (you mean quicktime? I always think of

Re: [Flashcoders] Re: Previously working SWF fails when reloaded in IE

2007-03-19 Thread Andy Herrman
I've run into that before. The issue seems to be timing-related. When you reload the page the SWF isn't re-downloaded (since it's cached), so it loads much faster, so some initialization stuff might run sooner than they did the first time. Here's how I fixed this (I run into it sometimes even

Re: [Flashcoders] Super and this

2007-03-19 Thread Andy Herrman
It's also very certain to drive another coder potentially working with your code in the future into insanity... I don't know. Sometimes that's a valid reason to do things like that. :) As powerful as being able to do that is, it's one of those features of Flash that always scares me. I tend

Re: [Flashcoders] Super and this

2007-03-19 Thread Andy Herrman
Oh, I don't even think of 'super' as any kind of identifier/variable. I think of it the same way I think of '.', '[]' or even '-' (in C), in that I think of it as an operator used to access something, not as a reference. 'super.' is just the way to access the parent implementation of a function,

Re: [Flashcoders] Does ByteLoaded/bytesTotal work loading from CDROM ?

2007-03-19 Thread Andy Herrman
Then it's probably completely loaded. When using local media the load times will be very fast, unless the file is very large (on the order of a few hundred megs). I wouldn't be at all surprised if the bytesLoaded == bytesTotal from the very beginning. Just means it loads really fast. :)

Re: [Flashcoders] Super and this

2007-03-16 Thread Andy Herrman
So, when you instantiate a class that extends other classes, there is only one actual object that's created. So `this` would always return the same object, whether in code written in A or in B. super is simply used so that you can reference the parent class's implementation of certain functions

Re: [Flashcoders] Resizing sw, dependently on screen resolution

2007-03-16 Thread Andy Herrman
You can tell Flash to not scale the contents of the movie when it is resized, so you should be able to just set the object tag values to the size you want. Try putting the following in the first frame: Stage.scaleMode = noScale; That will tell it not to scale things. Then, when the window

Re: [Flashcoders] FAMES and flashout

2007-03-15 Thread Andy Herrman
I haven't used FAMES myself, so I can't really give you a whole lot of help, but I do vaguely remember something like this from when I was looking into it. One of the tutorials I saw about getting flashout set up was that the class it generates has problems with the latest version of MTASC.

Re: [Flashcoders] Export a bitmapData to a PDF on server

2007-03-15 Thread Andy Herrman
Well, if you can already do it to jpg, do you have a way to export the bitmap data to a jpg? Then you can use the process you already have. -Andy On 3/15/07, Flap Flap [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi there, Do you people knows a way to export a bitmapData to a pdf on server ? I assume its

Re: [Flashcoders] Urgent: flash detection error with swf object and query string

2007-03-15 Thread Andy Herrman
What is actually being returned by the server you're hitting? Is it possible that that particular combination of query params is causing something unexpected to be returned, and that page requires some plugin you don't have? -Andy On 3/15/07, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Came

Re: [Flashcoders] Accessing an Associative Array

2007-03-12 Thread Andy Herrman
I think this is your problem: showPopup(myarray); You're passing showPopup a string with the value myarray, not the array. Remove the quotes and you should be good. -Andy On 3/12/07, Bill Abel [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: How do you access an associate array using a variable? Inside my

[Flashcoders] Flash training suggestions

2007-03-09 Thread Andy Herrman
action scripting knowledge. Have a look at the Flash 8 Actionscript course outline, if you know that stuff, sign up for the Advanced Design course. Kev Kevin Bowers [EMAIL PROTECTED] -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Andy Herrman Sent: 08

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash training suggestions

2007-03-09 Thread Andy Herrman
timeline ActionScript. It makes for really poor programs that are hard to debug and hard to maintain. 1 frame is enough. Ron Andy Herrman wrote: Weird, my e-mails keep bouncing for this thread. Let's try again

[Flashcoders] Re: gotoAndStop problems with swfmill

2007-03-09 Thread Andy Herrman
if I can make swfmill set that to 1 it will work, but I'm not sure how to do that through the simple XML format. Any ideas? -Andy On 3/9/07, Andy Herrman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm having a weird problem with using gotoAndStop/gotoAndPlay when using an SWF output by swfmill. I'm trying

Re: [Flashcoders] AS3 parseFloat issue?

2007-03-09 Thread Andy Herrman
I think the problem here is that this: var n2:Number = parseFloat(n2Split[0])*Math.pow(10, parseInt(n2Split[1])); is not the same as doing the math. When you define it as a string the code will convert the number directly, trying to get as close as it can to the value. However, in the code

Re: [Flashcoders] AS3 parseFloat issue?

2007-03-09 Thread Andy Herrman
it was simply parsed from the full string. -Andy On 3/9/07, Andy Herrman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I think the problem here is that this: var n2:Number = parseFloat(n2Split[0])*Math.pow(10, parseInt(n2Split[1])); is not the same as doing the math. When you define it as a string the code

[Flashcoders] Flash training suggestions

2007-03-08 Thread Andy Herrman
Resending as this bounced the first time I tried (so if you already saw this, sorry!): I'm looking for some suggestions on Flash training classes. My Flash devel knowledge is in a somewhat interesting state in that I know the basics and some advanced parts of AS2 programming, but don't really

Re: [Flashcoders] Flash training suggestions

2007-03-08 Thread Andy Herrman
Actionscript course outline, if you know that stuff, sign up for the Advanced Design course. Kev Kevin Bowers [EMAIL PROTECTED] -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Andy Herrman Sent: 08 March 2007 13:44 To: Subject

Re: [Flashcoders] preloader give

2007-03-08 Thread Andy Herrman
Have you tried doing a trace() of both tLoaded and tBytes? It might help you figure out what's going on. Also, why not just do `if(tLoaded = tBytes)`? It seems kind of pointless to do a division there. -Andy On 3/8/07, natalia Vikhtinskaya [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi I use simple

Re: [Flashcoders] Updating old source

2007-03-08 Thread Andy Herrman
So, by source, do you mean code, or are there graphics objects as well? If it's just code then why not open them in 10.2 where it works and then copying the code out to text files? -Andy On 3/8/07, David Cohn [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hey all, I'm trying to update some old, old source FLA

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