[Flashcoders] Searching all ActionScript in an FLA

2009-09-17 Thread Arka Roy
I have FLA files from a client with numerous MovieClips and buttons containing ActionScript all over the place. I am not used to this, I only started using Flash with AS3 and have always used a Document Class and placed my ActionScript in external .as files. I am trying to search through the

Re: [Flashcoders] MouseEvents on overlapping siblings in AS3

2008-09-02 Thread Arka Roy
Here's a very good article about how mouse events propagate. http://www.adobe.com/devnet/actionscript/articles/event_handling_as3.html You should be able to have more than one MC capture a single event, although I haven't tried it. A On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 8:03 PM, Matthias Dittgen [EMAIL

Re: [Flashcoders] pythagoras question

2008-08-30 Thread Arka Roy
I think this is what you need. --- angle = Math.atan2( endY - startY, endX - startX ); trainX = vectorLength * Math.cos( angle ); trainY = vectorLength * Math.sin( angle ); --- Notes: 1. I'm using atan2(), not atan(). 2. The function atan2() takes (endY - startY) as its

Re: [Flashcoders] Function = String

2008-08-30 Thread Arka Roy
I'm pretty sure there is no reflection-type functionality in AS3 to return a method name. Maybe you can define a bunch of string constants (perhaps even as static members in a class you create for this purpose, to hold them in one place) and use them as parms to addCallback(). Then you would

Re: [Flashcoders] pythagoras question

2008-08-30 Thread Arka Roy
Let's call the position of the mouse click on the stage (clickedX, clickedY) The starting coordinates are (startX, startY) The ending coordinates are (endX , endY) The general equation of your line, for any variables X and Y, is: Y == (X - startX) * (endY - startY) / (endX - startX) So when the

Re: [Flashcoders] Plssss help me: perspective illusion

2008-08-30 Thread Arka Roy
Can you please describe the problem in terms of something in Flash or ActionScript (like variables, symbols, classes, functions) not working as you thought it should. Or at least which specific part of that code you posted, doesn't work as expected. A On Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 9:36 PM, Rajiv

[Flashcoders] Fading previously-drawn lines

2008-08-23 Thread Arka Roy
it to help this discussion. If, on the other hand, it is confusing please ignore it. http://arka.sunnyday.jp/script/escort/hokkaido_01.html Thanks, Arka Roy ___ Flashcoders mailing list Flashcoders@chattyfig.figleaf.com http://chattyfig.figleaf.com/mailman

Re: [Flashcoders] Nested SWFs

2008-07-09 Thread Arka Roy
I don't think this is possible, unless you actually load that asset library from within the page1.swf's document class. Here is how I instantiate assets from an asset library. -- private function loadAssets():void { var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest(

[Flashcoders] Getting dimensions of visible area

2008-06-28 Thread Arka Roy
there is a mask and correctly hides the outer parts indicates that it should have that information somewhere. By the way, all mention of dimensions I've made here pertains to bounding boxes. Thanks, Arka Roy ___ Flashcoders mailing list